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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Revise History Anyone?

I almost can't believe that ANYONE could possibly argue whether the impeachment of a President should be included in history books. Who else but liberals could want to sweep the truth under the rug and re-write history. Heck, they have been getting away with it long enough I guess they can openly debate about when they should and shouldn't do it.

Defeatists in Our Midst vs Realists in our Midst

From the Inbox:
I just now happened to catch an older Townhall column (Dec 9th) by Ollie North entitled "Defeatists in Our Midst" found here:

What really caught my attention though were these posted responses. The reply to HorstWessel by Markf says it all. We can all hope that lefties like Horst and his party leaders like Howard Dean are going to find themselves dangling at the ends of their own treasonous ropes. To think that the Democrats almost ran Dean for president and commander-in-chief. Failing that, they made him their chief spokesman. He's an unmitigated disaster as DNC chair; imagine what he would have been like as commander-in-chief of our military forces. That speaks volumes as to Democrats ability to pick leaders. Let's hope the American electorate takes that into consideration in the coming elections.

Strange that a Lib would have as username that of a Nazi pimp who was murdered by German communists, then lionized for propaganda purposes by Goebbels and the Nazi party. He does seem to have an admiration for the Wehrmacht though; so maybe the Dems have gone so far off the deep end, they're attracting all the loons, left and right. And they call us Nazis?

But then, lots of things are strange about these people.

Russ Vaughn

Response from HorstWessel
?I never supported the war in Iraq and am confident that when we get tired of getting our butts kicked we’ll get out of there. But I do enjoy some of the humor coming from this war. For instance, I love President Bush’s assertions that we are fighting“terrorists” in Iraq to keep from having to fight them here. These statements tell the Iraqi people that we invaded their country, killed ten of thousands of their citizens, destroyed their institutions, destroyed tens of billions of dollars to their property, and made a bloody mess of their native land so that we could have the convenience of fighting our war against “terrorists”on their soil and not our own. Now, to add insult to injury, Bush’s Secretary of Defense and his generals are saying that we can’t defeat the “terrorists” in Iraq–the Iraqis are going to have to do it. Obviously, Bush is trying to show those ragheads that to know us is to love us. This leads me to believe that the major difference between Bush’s pre-emptive invasion of Iraq and Hitler’s pre-emptive invasion of Poland is that the Wehrmacht wasn’t being lead by a bunch of clowns.
Reply to HorstWessel from Markf
Thank you for this post, I'm going to copy your words and send them to everyone I know. The more you and others like you speak up, the greater the chance becomes that the liberals will NEVER again become the majority party in this country. Nothing any conservative or true moderate can say or do will ever have the negative impact on your agenda as simply pointing out your own words and positions. Thank you for the help.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

And Happy Holy Days!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

l - a - z - y

I have been lazy as of late...

It isn't that I have had nothing to blog about. The whole bogus "Bush is spying on Americans" story - a story you had to read to the bottom to get all the facts, a story that was very misleading and would probably have been a better fit in the op-ed column - that was a story I wanted to blog about.

The first paragraph came off like any great lie: sprinkled with just enough truth to avoid being libel. The spin left the White House in a tizzy. I wish Bush would have said to the news reporters in the press conference that came in the days following the bomb shell, "It wasn't all that long ago that I took office for my first term. I was busy trying to implement my domestic agenda, to pass comprehensive legislation that would fulfill my vision of leaving no child left behind. In fact I was reading to school children one morning not too long ago, and on MY watch 3000 Americans were murdered on US soil, innocent men, women and children killed on the darkest day in our nation's history. It happened on MY watch; and it will never happen again - not on my watch. You want me to protect this nation and I have. America has not seen a single major attack on our soil since 9/11. This is no accident. My administration has made national security it's number one priority and we are winning the War on Terror. The NYT has leaked highly classified information and effectively weakened our ability to monitor terrorists within this country. The Senate has made an even bigger blow to our National Defense by failing to provide my administration with the patriot act provisions that enable my administration to protect our Homeland. The NYT's ought to be ashamed. The Senate ought to be ashamed. As for me, I am proud of my administration. I stand by my decisions. I have not broken the law nor acted outside the bounds of my authority as Commander in Chief. I have kept America safe from terrorists and I will continue to do so for the remainder of my term." If the President had said something to this effect, I would have been proud to have supported him in 00 and 04 instead of banging my head against the wall.

I also thought the timing of the story was highly suspect. Iraq has another historic election and instead of Bush's success in Iraq being a main focus, the good ole NYT's gives us a "scandal" juicy enough to distract America from one of George Bush's greatest triumphs: installing democracy in the heart of the Muslim world.

Honestly I really wanted to take some time to write out thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of this story, but instead you just get ramblings... if anyone is even reading this anymore (I wouldn't blame you I post so infrequently).

I am thinking of making another blog since I try to keep this one mainly political and not personal in the least.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Hastert Protocol

From the Inbox:

Ken, ...

Here's my latest at American Thinker:

Thomas Lifson, the editor there, is Jewish but sent me an email saying he and his conservative Jewish friends share my sentiments entirely. I am not a practicing Christian but I was raised in a Christian family and have tried to live my life by the values instilled in me there. As Thomas says, at the least Jesus was a truly great and influential rabbi/philosopher who gave us some great principles with which to live among our fellow human beings. We should honor that by calling his birthday what it is.



The Hastert Protocol

At last someone has heard our call
We, left behind, we left to fall.
Our views no longer meet the test
Of what is true and right and best.
Was good enough for our father founders,
But not for multicultural bounders,
Who snidely slide us to the side,
Who denigrate and sly deride,
Dismiss us who would celebrate,
Our beliefs, traditions on this date.

So now we’re truly grateful all,
For Speaker Hastert’s Protocol.
Which speaks for those who truly see
That giant spruce as a Christmas tree.
Not a tree for some vague holiday,
But a tree that truly lights our way,
And signifies for us a season,
That makes us ponder, makes us reason,
And recognizes a spiritual nation,
With a founding Christian orientation.
So Speaker Hastert speaks for me
When he says that is a Christmas Tree;
Not a tree for some vague holiday,
But a tree celebrates our Christian way;
A spirit we share ecumenically,
With Jews and Muslims totally,
And others who believe what ‘ere,
There’re beliefs enough for all to share.
We seek nothing more than God’s blessed life,
Sheltered from a world full of natural strife.

So thanks, Mr. Speaker, for your bold call,
We say God bless you, one and all.
Merry Christmas, Russ Vaughn

Russ Vaughn

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Without a Prayer

From the inbox:

Paul Harvey and Prayer

Paul Harvey says:

I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I'm not going to sue somebody for singing a Ho-Ho-Ho song in December. I don't agree with Darwin, but I didn't go out and hire a lawyer when my high school teacher taught his theory of evolution.

Life, liberty or your pursuit of happiness will not be
endangered because someone says a 30-second prayer before a football game.

So what's the big deal? It's not like somebody is up there reading the entire book of Acts. They're just talking to a God they believe in and asking him to grant safety to the players on the field and the fans going home from the game.

"But it's a Christian prayer," some will argue.

Yes, and this is the United States of America, a country founded on Christian principles. According to our very own phone book, Christian churches outnumber all others better than 200-to-1. So what would you expect-somebody chanting Hare Krishna?

If I went to a football game in Jerusalem,
I would expect to hear a Jewish prayer.

If I went to a soccer game in Baghdad,
I would expect to hear a Muslim prayer.

If I went to a ping pong match in China,
I would expect to hear someone pray to Buddha.

And I wouldn't be offended.
It wouldn't bother me one bit.
When in Rome...

"But what about the atheists?" is another argument.

What about them?

Nobody is asking them to be baptized. We're not going to pass the collection plate. Just humor us for 30 seconds. If that's asking too ! much, bring a Walkman or a pair of ear plugs. Go to the bathroom. Visit the concession stand. Call your lawyer!

Unfortunately, one or two will make that call. One or two will tell thousands what they can and cannot do. I don't think a short prayer at a football game is
going to shake the world's foundations.

Christians are just sick and tired of turning the other cheek while our courts strip us of all our rights. Our parents and grandparents taught us to pray before eating; to pray before we go to sleep.

Our Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Now a handful of people and their lawyers are telling us to cease praying.

God, help us.

And if that last sentence offends you, well ... just sue me.

The silent majority has been silent too long. It's time we let that one or two who scream loud enough to be heard .... that the vast majority don't care what they want. It is time the majority rules! It's time we tell them, you don't have to pray; you don't have to say the pledge of allegiance; you don't have to believe in God or attend services that honor Him. That is your right, and we will honor your right. But by golly, you are no longer going to take our rights away. We are fighting back and we WILL WIN!

God bless us one and all . Especially those who denounce Him. God bless America, despite all her faults. She is still the greatest nation of all.

God bless our service men who are fighting to protect our right to pray and worship God.

May 2005 be the year the silent majority is heard and we put God back as the foundation of our families and institutions.

Keep looking up.
Snopes sets the record straight on this one. Not penned by Paul Harvey and not even the work of a single writer, but still a very good read. It's neat how chain letters evolve over time.

Then Leave

This ought to shut up the annoying liberals in your life.


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