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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Defeatists in Our Midst vs Realists in our Midst

From the Inbox:
I just now happened to catch an older Townhall column (Dec 9th) by Ollie North entitled "Defeatists in Our Midst" found here:

What really caught my attention though were these posted responses. The reply to HorstWessel by Markf says it all. We can all hope that lefties like Horst and his party leaders like Howard Dean are going to find themselves dangling at the ends of their own treasonous ropes. To think that the Democrats almost ran Dean for president and commander-in-chief. Failing that, they made him their chief spokesman. He's an unmitigated disaster as DNC chair; imagine what he would have been like as commander-in-chief of our military forces. That speaks volumes as to Democrats ability to pick leaders. Let's hope the American electorate takes that into consideration in the coming elections.

Strange that a Lib would have as username that of a Nazi pimp who was murdered by German communists, then lionized for propaganda purposes by Goebbels and the Nazi party. He does seem to have an admiration for the Wehrmacht though; so maybe the Dems have gone so far off the deep end, they're attracting all the loons, left and right. And they call us Nazis?

But then, lots of things are strange about these people.

Russ Vaughn

Response from HorstWessel
?I never supported the war in Iraq and am confident that when we get tired of getting our butts kicked we’ll get out of there. But I do enjoy some of the humor coming from this war. For instance, I love President Bush’s assertions that we are fighting“terrorists” in Iraq to keep from having to fight them here. These statements tell the Iraqi people that we invaded their country, killed ten of thousands of their citizens, destroyed their institutions, destroyed tens of billions of dollars to their property, and made a bloody mess of their native land so that we could have the convenience of fighting our war against “terrorists”on their soil and not our own. Now, to add insult to injury, Bush’s Secretary of Defense and his generals are saying that we can’t defeat the “terrorists” in Iraq–the Iraqis are going to have to do it. Obviously, Bush is trying to show those ragheads that to know us is to love us. This leads me to believe that the major difference between Bush’s pre-emptive invasion of Iraq and Hitler’s pre-emptive invasion of Poland is that the Wehrmacht wasn’t being lead by a bunch of clowns.
Reply to HorstWessel from Markf
Thank you for this post, I'm going to copy your words and send them to everyone I know. The more you and others like you speak up, the greater the chance becomes that the liberals will NEVER again become the majority party in this country. Nothing any conservative or true moderate can say or do will ever have the negative impact on your agenda as simply pointing out your own words and positions. Thank you for the help.

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