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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Poor Casey

Poor Casey

Poor Casey sees his mother,
Being used but once again,
To mouth words of another,
Likes of who did him in.
Poor fool she is, and poorly used,
To claim the mother’s place,
Of one who died and now’s abused,
By his mother now disgraced.

Poor Casey fought to win his war,
He fought to do what’s right;
His memory’s now become a sore,
In his mother’s fool cast light.
A young man felt the need to serve,
To meet his country’s need;
But mother felt the need for fame,
To salve her ego’s greed.

Poor Casey rests now sorely,
A boy stressed in his grave,
Served by his mother poorly,
A soulless left wing slave,
Who postures on the very ground,
That shelter’s Casey’s soul,
A foolish, faithless media hound,
Who disgraced her brave son’s role.

Ah, Cindy, Lass, you sold your soul, for fortune’s fleeting fame,
To dance upon your son’s grave and disgrace his warrior’s name.
May God sometime forgive you, but we warriors never will,
You sold your soul, sold out your son, someday you’ll pay the bill.

Russ Vaughn

Author’s note: May God forgive Cindy Sheehan; I will not, ever. In the history of this country no mother has ever done so much to disgrace the memory of a fallen, warrior son. Cindy Sheehan has placed herself in the infamous ranks of Jane Fonda and John Kerry, all traitors to their country in my eyes. All three are opportunistic, soulless cretins who sold their souls for fame and political fortune.

Damn them forever.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

From the inbox: Blanco's Bible Study

New Installment of Monday Night Bible Study.....
I don't usually post Jeff's stuff but I found this one amusing.

Release The Captured Documents!


Thomas Lifson at The American Thinker has posted my open letter to Congress.

I would also appreciate your help in getting this message disseminated as widely as possible with encouragement to your readers and acquaintances to contact their own congressional delegations as we have done.

You can send letters to your state's representatives even though you are not in their district. Simply note that while you are not currently a constituent, you certainly will be if they seek higher, statewide office, which all of the ambitious ones intend to do.

Also, please do not include the New Mexico information with my letter. I have asked Thomas to take it down. You wouldn't believe some of the threats I've had from "peace-loving" liberals.


Dear Senator,

We are of the belief that the release of captured Iraqi tapes and documents now in the possession of our government should be expedited with all haste. We believe that information contained in those documents would substantiate our government's stated reasons for going to war with Saddam's regime. For too long, too many Americans have been led to believe that their government lied to them and subsequently are lukewarm on support of the war and by extension of our troops.

If there is intelligence in that huge cache of documents and tapes that would help to dispel the doubts of these many citizens and unite this nation behind our armed forces and their mission, then it is absolutely unthinkable to allow these materials to remain restricted from public view.

It has long been our belief that our government was reluctant to release this trove of information for fear of embarrassing our allies such as the Russians, the French and others, by exposing their nefarious support of Saddam’s reign of terror. Today, for the first time, we have seen our suspicions confirmed with the revelation on the very reliable Power Line Blog, that President Bush wants this information released to the public for precisely the reasons we ascribed above. However, Mr. John Negroponte, our Director of National Intelligence, is rumored to be holding up such a release for precisely the reason we suspected.

This is completely unacceptable. Mr. Negroponte may be our intelligence czar, but he is misguided if he believes not embarrassing our underhanded, so-called allies is more consequential to America’s future than the benefit to be derived if the released information does indeed serve to unite America’s citizens behind our armed forces and their mission to defeat worldwide islamofascist terrorism.

It is time for the Congress to take a hand in this matter. There is no other issue before you that could have more import than helping to end the divisiveness and dissension in this country arising out of the belief held by so many that our government deliberately misled us into an unnecessary war. We will be watching to see what position you take and what role you play.

We will weigh your performance at re-election time.


Russ & Linda Vaughn
*editor's thoughts: Even if the documents were declassified and released the liberal press would scour the documents for damning information and ignore everything that would be construed as positive for this administration. I would like to know what is in those documents, but more harm than good could come from them. Perhaps I will opine on this in greater detail at a later date.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I have my new computer up and running (I ended up spending a LOT more than I wanted to get all the new parts, but it is twice the system I had before... and my last system wasn't too shabby.)

I'll resume posting in the very near future.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

No Posts Pending Parts

My motherboard fried on my pc and as such I have no ability to make posts until the new mb/cpu I ordered comes in. Until then no posts.

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