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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Great Americans

I have decided to start a new section of my blog devoted to Great Americans. Great Americans will be added to the list as suggestions come in or as I see fit to add another name. Names will be added to the list in no particular order. This list will in no way, shape, or form be comprehensive.

I will create a list of rules for submissions. I will add and remove rules as I see fit. I will also ignore the rules as I see fit.

I believe firmly that every soldier who has served our country honorably is a Great American. That being said, they will not be added to this list individually as a general rule because I already believe they are Great Americans and am open about that.

A person who does something heroic will, as a general rule, not make the list. There is a difference between being a great person or a great human being, and being a Great American. There is also a difference between doing a great or heroic thing and being a Great American. If I receive a suggestion for a Great American and I choose not to add them to the list, I may still do a post about that person
in recognition of that person.

Being an American who does something great will not as a general rule make them a Great American. Great scholars, inventors, athletes, artists, and others who are American, will not, as a general rule be added to the list.

Being a Great American involves having a keen understanding of what makes America Great and then acting on that. Great Americans have a philosophy in keeping with the American tradition and they work to uphold the American tradition.

The Founding Fathers were Great Americans. Most US Presidents were Great Americans.

The inclusion of one is not to the exclusion of another.

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Great Americans
Ronald Reagan
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Frederick Douglas
This list will continue to grow.
Suggest a Great American.
See rules.
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