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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You Can Put Lipstick on Obama, But He is Still a Dipstick

What is an elitist? Is it someone who thinks you shouldn't go to Europe if the only foreign phrase you know is 'merci beaucoup'? Is it someone with an Ivy League education who talks down to regular Americans... you know, those bitter ones who cling to guns and religion. Is it someone who is only proud of their country, for the first time, because of where they are in the electoral process? Perhaps it is someone who believes "we are the ones we've been waiting for." A candidate who speaks only in platitudes about "change," makes endless promises about what he will do, but never once explains in detail how he is going to do it. How about a candidate who fills stadiums with thousands of people, stands on a Hollywood set with fake Greek columns, and who, on the 45th anniversary of one of the great speeches in American history, fails to acknowledge the American whose dream helped bring him to that stage.

I'll tell you what I think an elitist is. I think an elitist tells a joke in a certain context, knowing full well that the punchline is going to be understood in a different context, claims ignorance as to the double meaning, denies intending the other meaning, continues to tell the joke, and laughs at his opponent's demands for an apology. To me, this is what an elitist is because he thinks the American people are too stupid to know what is really going on.

How could Obama think that the lipstick on a pig comment wouldn't be construed as responding to Palin's joke about lipstick? Sure, we know he used it in the context of McCain's economic policy, but does Obama mean for us to believe that he wasn't also talking about Palin? Does he think the American people are really that dumb? Of course, this is a rhetorical question. We know Obama thinks Americans are dumb. And he knows the mainstream media and Hollywood are going to protect him.

But here is the real irony in what Obama is doing. He called Sarah Palin a pig. Obama knows he did it. The crowd at Obama's event knew what he was doing, and Obama has continued calling her a pig, all the while expressing outrage that he is being called out on it.

This sort of sexist attack shows Obama for what he really is... a chauvinist pig. And amazingly, Obama's explanation, that he was really talking about economic policy, or his new explanation tonight on Letterman (that even if he were talking about [Palin], she would be the lipstick and McCain would be the pig)... when you boil this all down Obama's explanation is just lipstick.

Putting a spin on what Obama did doesn't change what he did. Saying that it was really about economic policy doesn't change the fact that it was really about Palin. Putting lipstick on a pig doesn't change it from being a pig. Obama's argument is the epitome of form equalling content.

Obama is a coward for taking a shot at Palin, while couching it in an economic attack on McCain. We know he only did that so he could maintain "plausible deniability." Obama is an elitist because he thinks we Americans don't understand what he is doing. Denying the double meaning and trying to turn it around on Republicans, jeering at Republicans for 'just assuming' he must have meant Palin is only ultimately going to make Obama look worse.

Obama knew what he was doing. His continued sexist remarks, including his newest attack, that even if he were talking about Palin (a hypothetical admission) that she (Palin) would be the lipstick and McCain would be the pig, shows him for the misogynist he truly is. The fact that Obama thinks his cowardly, passive aggressive attack on Palin won't be understood by the average American for what it is, shows what kind of elitist donkey Obama really is.

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