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Friday, July 14, 2006

On Flag-Draped Coffins (a poem)

From the inbox:

The Democrats' use of images of our war dead in their campaign video inspired me to write the following poem last night:
On Flag-Draped Coffins (a poem)

I thought I’d seen it all I guess
In videos from the East;
Enough to tell me nothing less,
We’re dealing with a beast.
Such savagery and blood lust,
Sawing off our soldier’s head,
Ensures to me that we must
Leave all these bastards dead.

And yet may God preserve us
From those too weak to serve,
Faint of heart, afraid of service,
With no will to save, preserve.
They shriek about the troops lost,
Deplore our mounting dead,
Ignoring what our freedom cost,
In the steps our nation tread.

Now when their country needs them
To mount a solid front;
They’d sacrifice our freedom
For the power they so want.
On flag-draped coffins standing,
Crassly using our dead brave,
To our enemy they’re now handing,
What those dead fought so to save.

Some day there’ll come a reckoning, a payment for the pain,
To those who used our dead so ill, for naught but power’s gain.

Russ Vaughn 7 13 06
An effective way to counter their tasteless campaign ad is to send a contribution to John Murtha's oppenent Diana Irey, here:

Another excellent post, Russ. Thanks!

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