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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Mine, By Any Other Name…

A Mine, By Any Other Name…

I suppose by now that it is pitifully akin to the concept of flogging a dead horse to point out inconsistencies in Liberal Media’s thought processes. However, it occurs to me that the same liberal, mainstream media who gleefully report the latest American casualties from IED’s in Iraq, are the same hand wringing, liberal media that decry the use of land mines around the rest of the world.

How many heartbreaking articles have you read about the tragedy of innocent Third World citizens haplessly wandering into the remnants of a minefield long before laid by one side or the other in some minor conflagration of long-forgotten genesis? And have you never been importuned to contribute to the UN Mine Clearance Trust Fund?

Probably you have I’ll bet. And sure, you’ve seen the bleeding-heart articles. And yet, where’s the condemnation of the use of mines on the part of the Iraqi/al Qaeda insurgency? I haven’t heard a single word of outraged indignation from the American drive-by media, have you? Nope, mines placed by shadowy past antagonists around the world are the subject of extreme vilification in the liberal mainstream media, but IED’s, which are MINES, and which are the weapons of choice of the terrorist insurgency in Iraq, are reported on ever so matter of factly by our media.

Yep, without any bit of critical comment from those on the Left, many of whom consider these terrorists to be “freedom fighters.” The fact that these MINES are killing and maiming unsuspecting American troops is no cause for condemnation by those same journalists who are righteously outraged about the mayhem wreaked upon unsuspecting Third World inhabitants.

Media hypocrisy, anyone? Naaahhh!

Has it occurred to anyone but me that the UN and the New York Times could cut their downward spiraling finances by sharing staff and office space? I mean, hey, there are just so many redundancies there…

Russ Vaughn 6 13 06

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