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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Racial Idiocy

I haven't been posting much lately. Work is the biggest factor, but I saw a few things over on Drudge that I thought I would chime in on:

Lawyer Says McKinney a Victim in Scuffle
Her lawyer, James W. Myart Jr., said, "Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, like thousands of average Americans across this country, is, too, a victim of the excessive use of force by law enforcement officials because of how she looks and the color of her skin."

"Ms. McKinney is just a victim of being in Congress while black," Myart said. "Congresswoman McKinney will be exonerated."


Several Capitol Police officials have said the officer involved asked McKinney three times to stop. When she did not, he placed a hand on her and she hit him, they said.

Asked on-camera Thursday by WSB-TV of Atlanta whether she intended to apologize, McKinney declined to comment. A news conference scheduled for Friday morning was canceled. She had issued a statement late Wednesday saying she regretted the confrontation.
I am outraged! She hit a police officer and SHE is the victim. At a time of war, in our nation's capitol, an officer sworn to protect the Capitol stops a woman who brushes past security and refuses to stop and this is somehow a show of excessive force?!?! AND RACISM TO BOOT!!!! What kind of world do we live in? Excessive force would be an officer shooting her in the head for failing to stop at the security check point. What the officer did was correct and more importantly it was his job... a necessary job. This leaves me wondering: Why is it that every time a high profile black person does something wrong it is not only 'not their fault' but more importantly "proof" of racism?

Where is the proof of this racism? SHE is a BLACK WOMAN in CONGRESS. I imagine she represents a congressional district that is largely comprised of BLACK VOTERS. There was a time when there were no women in Congress, no black voters, and no black representatives.... but this is the twenty-first century. Why do we keep screaming racism at every turn. Don't cases like this hurt the true victims of racism by denigrating the term. There ARE racists and bigots in this country, no doubt, and there are victims of racism, but they will never have justice as long as high profile representatives of the black community cheapen the terms in order to save face.

In other news: AMERICAN FLAGS are being removed from a high school because
"The flags no longer were being used as symbols of patriotism or of cultural heritage, but of ethnic intimidation, harassment and blatant bigotry"
The ban on flags include mexican flags, which were brought in by students to show support for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! I can understand a ban on Mexican flags, but a ban on American Flags too!!! In and AMERICAN High school! There ought to be a federal law requiring schools that accept federal money to protect the display of the AMERICAN flag in the classroom.

Speaking of bigotry and ethnic intimidation, check out this link submitted by Jeff Blanco
You really need to see this video about immigration
protests. It's a shame that these people can act like
this. As a Latino, I'm embarrassed by this behavior.


Louisiana Conservative

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