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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Adam Kontras: Talent Wasted

I know I haven't posted in a while. I am a lazy blogger... or maybe I am just overworked, I have no idea. Anyway, I think of really great topics to blog about, then after working for 12 hours or so I forget or am too tired to write. Be that as it may, I did want to make a quick post about this:

More specifically, this:

From the brief bit you can tell that this Adam Kontras is a rather talented fellow... it is too bad he is a liberal. Talent wasted.

I don't believe Adam will ever see this post, but if he does I'd like to give him the opportunity to answer this question:

What is President Bush doing wrong with regards to Iran?

Isn't the diplomatic route the route that you liberals harp on as being the proper route to take? We are placing DIPLOMATIC pressure on Iran and we are doing this with MULTI-LATERAL support.

And yet still we find the left being sharply critical of Bush.

Adam's cute little song paints Bush as a warmonger. Is Adam ignorant of the fact that we took the Diplomatic route with Iraq until it proved entirely unsuccessful. Now we face a similar situation with Iran. But what does Adam want us to do? Wait until Iran builds a Nuke and blows up a major US city? Would it be okay then for us to bomb Iran?

What solution does he provide? Adam is the perfect symbol for the left because he embodies their politics: Attack the right and provide NO alternative Solution.

The only reason I really wanted to mention Adam's little project is because he mentioned the draft in the song. Adam seems to think Bush, the 'evil warmonger', is going to start a war and attack the sweet innocent women and children of Iran. Adam seems to think Bush's purpose is two-fold: to make haliburton more money and to kill American youth via the draft.

I guess I have another question for Adam... where was the last draft you idiots on the left promised? I distinctly remember MTV's rock the vote having articles that basically told American youth to "vote or die" because the Evil Warmonger Bush was waiting until his second term so he could bring back the draft since Iraq was nothing more than a "quagmire" and Vietnam in the Desert. Where was the last draft the left promised?

Oh, and what happened to all of the comparisons to Vietnam? You guys on the left are dropping the ball. I haven't read an article from the NYT's making another comparison to that war in quite a while.

I am sure I have scads more to criticize but I am in serious need of some dinner and sleep. Adam, if you are out there and you can support your moronic political beliefs, I am willing to openly debate the facts right here on this site.

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