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Friday, February 10, 2006

Risking Your Life For A Quart of Milk

I was shocked this morning while reading through the news. I came across an interesting story about the growing popularity of the Internet in Iraq. It seemed wildly different than most coverage of Iraq because the focus seems to be positive in nature. The article reads "Three years ago, the Internet was virtually unknown in Iraq. Today, Baghdad has dozens of Internet cafes...." I was thinking to myself, "Wow, some good news from Iraq!" It was then that I realized this article was from the NYT's, then I was really shocked. Shocked until I read the following
Few people on earth have more incentive to communicate online (and indoors) than Iraqis, who risk their lives every time they go out for a quart of milk.
And this:
He has been luckier than many Baghdad business owners: no robberies, no violence.
COME ON!!!! Was that really necessary? Don't AMERICANS risk their lives every time they get behind the wheel to drive to the store? They could get hit by a drunk driver, or carjacked, or the store could be robbed.

Shoot, (no pun intended) I live 20 minutes from a place that doesn't look all that different than a warzone, and it is every bit as dangerous. There are places in Youngstown, Ohio where NO journalist would feel safe walking alone, especially at night.

Robberies are also common in the United States. I'll bet a robbery takes place at least every hour in the united states... probably every minute. Doesn't this make all the other establishments who haven't been robbed, "luckier than many."

I was really disappointed that these lines were jammed into an otherwise informative and positive piece of journalism. The lines were not necessary and were just as true of MANY other places in the world, including America, as it was of Baghdad.

Then again, this was the NYTs.

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