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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Iraq WMDs

Here is a post I was quite proud of (when I wrote it). I have decided to rewrite the post and file the old one here.
I am getting sick of hearing that Bush lied and that there were no WMDs in Iraq.

Iraq had two Ballistic Missile programs which were in violation of the UN, the al-Samoud Two and the al-Fatah. The Al Samoud missiles are ballistic missiles capable of going 180K. Iraq was not allowed to have missiles that could go beyond 150K, therefore, Iraq was in violation of the UN and international law. These weapons represented an ongoing WMD program in violation of the UN and cease fire agreements.

In Iraq, the coalition forces have found WMDs in the form of Sarin a deadly nerve agent, in weapons the UN never cataloged. (The UN, in all of their years of inspections, never found these munitions). Over a dozen of these WMD Sarin shells have been found in Iraq. Each WMD Sarin shell was capable of killing hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Each shell could have been another 9/11 if they fell into the wrong hands.

In Iraq, the coalition forces have found WMDs in the form of Mustard Gas, a deadly chemical agent, in weapons that Saddam's regime had declared have been destroyed. The UN did not find these munitions. Iraq declared that it had been destroyed after the Gulf War. The Iraqi government lied. These Mustard Gas WMDs, when stored properly, are capable of killing hundreds, if not thousands of people.

In Iraq, the coalition forces have found highly specialized WMD components necessary in the production of Nuclear weapons. The WMD weapon component was a centrifuge used to enrich uranium for use in Nuclear weapons. Oh... and let's not forget that we found and removed uranium from Iraq 2 tons of low-enriched uranium and approximately 1,000 highly radioactive items were removed. The spin from the left was that the uranium was not enriched, and that the uranium posed no threat... but Saddam had a centrifuge with which to enrich the uranium hidden in a scientist's back yard... Make no mistake, Saddam, if unchecked, would have continued to work on his nuclear aspirations. The uranium and the centrifuge ARE components necessary for making the ultimate WMD.

Outside of Iraq, the UN has been finding WMD components and machinery used in the production of WMDs that have been shipped off to foreign junkyards, sold as scrap, both after and immediately prior to the war in Iraq. This reeks of cover-up by Saddam loyalists who are probably still operating in the same capacity today in Iraq.

Outside of Iraq, in Jordan specifically, chemical weapons which came from Iraq, through Syria, were found in the hands of terrorists.

Has the US found enormous stockpiles on every street corner? No! The amount of WMDs we believed Iraq had could have easily have fit in a single warehouse or underground bunker... but who puts all of their eggs in one basket? Especially when the UN had been snooping around for years and had been let back in! There could be a single weapon buried under the house of each Saddam loyalist and we might never find them all (if that were the case). We might never find more unless we knew where to look... and Iraq is the size of California.

Imagine a warehouse dismantled and spread over the entire state of California. Now imagine thousands of loyal Californians trying to hide the warehouse and what was in it from you. Also, some of these loyal Californians have been shipping pieces out of the state without your being able to monitor this. Also, there are people from Washington, Nevada, Mexico, and other neighboring places, streaming into California to try to steal pieces of this warehouse and its contents. While you are looking for the warehouse and its components, people are shooting at you and undermining your every effort. This is the situation in Iraq.

Despite all of this, we have proven the existence of an ongoing illegal missile program, Mustard Gas WMDs, Sarin WMDs, low-enriched uranium, a centrifuge for enriching uranium, an effort to export WMDs and their components as scrap, and Chemical weapons in the hands of terrorists who traveled from Iraq, through Syria, to Jordan... and these are just the things that I am aware of and can think of off the top of my head. Think about all of the things which may have been found but kept under wraps in the interests of American Security.

And yet Michael Moron gets away with saying Bush lied. Michael Moron gets away with saying there were no WMD's... and people like Bill O'Reilly agree with Moron (as far as there being no WMD's). O'Reilly plays the role of Bush apologist ("This is not a lie if you believe it to be true, now he may have made a mistake, which is obvious...") instead of confronting Moron with the truth... we have found WMDs.

UPDATE!!!: OCT 12, 2004 - UN: Iraqi Nuclear-Related Materials Have Vanished Excerpt:
Equipment and materials that could be used to make nuclear weapons are disappearing from Iraq....
Satellite imagery shows that entire buildings in Iraq have been dismantled. They once housed high-precision equipment that could help a government or terror group make nuclear bombs, the International Atomic Energy Agency said in a report to the U.N. Security Council.

Equipment and materials helpful in making bombs also have been removed from open storage areas in Iraq and disappeared without a trace, according to the satellite pictures, IAEA Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei said.

While some military goods that disappeared from Iraq after the March 2003 U.S.-led invasion, including missile engines, later turned up in scrap yards in the Middle East and Europe, none of the equipment or material known to the IAEA as potentially useful in making nuclear bombs has turned up yet, ElBaradei said.

The equipment -- including high-precision milling and turning machines and electron-beam welders -- and materials -- such as high-strength aluminum -- were tagged by the IAEA years ago, as part of the watchdog agency's shutdown of Iraq's nuclear program. U.N. inspectors then monitored the sites until their evacuation from Iraq just before the war.
More proof of active WMD programs in Iraq. The US was justified in preemptive attacks.

November 25, 2004 Update: High Ranking Iraqi Official Claims Chemical Weapons Lab Found in Falluja & Largest Iraqi Weapons Cache Found in Mosque. Although these two stories are unrelated, one must wonder how many WMDs could be hidden in Mosques in and around Iraq...

August 2005 Update: Chemical weapons factory found in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul
Read the E*D take on this story here.

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