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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Muse on Justice…

From the Inbox:
By Crystal Broyles

Justice, is there really such thing? Our “justice” systems here in America have stood by with a deaf ear, numb heart, and unreasoning mind while a woman that has committed no crime was starved to death. Last week I mentioned this situation (i.e. starving Terri to death) in a group of people; a 13 year old girl responded “What did she do?” Exactly, what did Terri do?

Last week on March 23rd Steven Staley, won reprieve just hours before his scheduled execution in Texas. His execution was halted by The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to allow his lawyers to develop further appeals. The justice system spared his life even though there is no question in 1989, while robbing a restaurant; he shot and killed a man.

Furthermore, when a man and a woman are joined together in marriage they pledge to be faithful to one another, in sickness and in health. When Terri was 21 she married the first man she ever kissed, Michael Schiavo. She had been faithful to her husband even before she ever met him. She saved her first kiss for him. Six short years into their lifelong journey of marriage, under questionable circumstances, Terri suffers a collapse. As we all know this left her with considerable brain damage. With a common-law wife and two children by her, Michael has not remained faithful to Terri. Adultery is grounds for a divorce. Our legal systems once again erred on the side of injustice. Michael discarded Terri and moved on yet her family’s love has remained unconditional.

Michael claims to be carrying out Terri’s desires. Think about that; let’s do the math. Terri was 21 when she married the first man she ever kissed after five months of dating. She was a Catholic and clearly a devout one. Then why did he go against Catholic doctrine, have her feeding tube removed and give her a medically assisted death? And why does Michael want her body to be cremated, which is also against church teachings?

The Pope has been quoted as saying it is a “moral obligation” to provide food and water to the brain damaged. Then he continued to say the withdrawal of it (food and water) is “euthanasia by omission.”

And all Michael Schiavo has to say is: “I moved on with a part of my life. I’m sorry that the Schindlers can't move on with any of theirs.” Michael’s own words show Terri was a part of his life – not his life.
I purposefully did not blog on the Schiavo case, but I don't mind sharing what others thought about it. Send me your .02 and I'll post it.

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