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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Last Chance to Speak Out - One of Us, One of Us...

The latest from the inbox (in case you're wondering I do sign up for these)
On Wednesday, the Democratic Party and our allies will deliver petitions signed by more than 1 million Americans who oppose the Republican abuse of power in the Senate.
Which abuse was that?
Today is the last day to have your name included -- add your name now:

This fight is about more than any single issue.
What was the issue again?
They want to throw out the rules and give themselves total control -- to remove all checks on their corporate pandering or ideological crusades.
Well... which is it, the corporate pandering or the ideological crusades?

I guess we can't accuse the dem's of propagating empty rhetoric and making baseless accusations... psyche!
And this fight isn't just about today's legislation -- with total control, the fringe GOP leadership will distort the federal judiciary for a generation by giving lifetime appointments to unqualified political hacks and hardcore ideologues.
Unqualified political hacks and hardcore ideologues... How would you like to serve the public your entire life, as many judges do, graduating from law school and taking the low paying - compared to the private sector- job, spending your whole life agonizing over difficult decisions, buried beneath volumes of statutes, rulings, and never-ending paperwork, working hard to make the right decision every time, and finally having all your years of hard work rewarded with a judicial appointment showing that you were hand picked by the President of the United States of America to serve your country, only to be prejudged by angry, bitter, Democrats and labeled as a political hack. Wow. I can't imagine putting in all that work just to be attacked by people who don't know you and who hate you because you think differently than they about some issues.
There is no issue
The issue again was?
more urgent than this one -- please join over a million of us who will be heard on Wednesday:

Civil liberties, voting rights, a woman's right to choose, equality in education, environmental protections -- all the values we hold dear are at grave risk.
Right, and if "W" is re-elected we are going to have a draft, and if he were elected the first time then Roe V. Wade would be instantly overturned, and since the republicans "stole" the election, we have returned to the days of Jim Crow - despite Bush having a more diverse Cabinet than Clinton and wannabe Kerry combined.
The fringe Republican leadership is out of control.
Usually in a persuasive piece this is where you insert examples to back up your claim, but we won't let the facts get in the way of a flowery rhetoric montage.
But their unprecedented power grab has been matched by an unprecedented backlash from ordinary Americans who don't want their representatives silenced.
An unprecedented backlash? Oh yeah, people are marching in the streets on this one. I mean... one in every few hundred people is slightly disturbed! Sound the alarms and put on your riot gear... yawn
You can be one of us:
Nice! Join us, you can be one of us, drink the kool-aid and you can be one of us, one of us, one of us...

Your petition will be delivered to Senator Bill Frist, the Republican leader, and to key Senators who will decide this issue.

The rest of the team and I are beginning to print hundreds of thousands of messages from all over the country to deliver Wednesday.
I wonder if these "people" are the same ones Acorn and the NAACP registered to vote in Ohio
Please add your name before it's too late. We have to take this stand together
One of us, one of us, one of us...
-- now -- because if we don't, we may not be able to take a stand on any of the other issues that matter to us so much.

Thank you.

Josh McConaha & the DNC Internet Team
Thanks Josh, you keep writing them and I'll keep posting them.

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