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Friday, April 01, 2005

Democrats Attack DeLay

Looks like the dems are going after DeLay again...
Meet Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX), the man Republicans have chosen as their Majority Leader in the House of Representatives.
True so far...
Tom DeLay is at the center of a bewildering array of investigations into corruption, abuse of power, and ethics violations.
Yes, these investigations are bewildering.
As the courts and committees investigate DeLay's misdeeds and hand down indictments, keeping track of all the scandals can be a full-time job.
What exactly is a misdeed? It seems an unusual choice of words... but a safe choice. I am in total agreement that tracking all the scandal surrounding this could be a full time job... but that doesn't mean that Tom DeLay has done anything wrong... far from it! But I still don't know all the facts surrounding this particular case. That's ok, though, cause the facts are often the last thing the Dems look for when throwing together a story *cough* Memogate *cough*
So we thought it would helpful to offer folks a quick and easy guide:
Talkingpoints anyone?
People need to get to know Tom DeLay. He personifies the kind of government we're getting from Republicans -- corrupt, power-hungry, and out of touch.
I guess the only logical solution would be to have less government then...
They also need to know that his Republican colleagues in the House have been complicit in his pattern of sleaze. They even changed the ethics rules to protect him, and packed the Ethics Committee with a bunch of DeLay cronies for good measure.
heh... I feel so dirty posting this, but I like to share my email.
Spread the Word
It is vital that you help us spread the word about Tom DeLay. The more people who know about his record, the more pressure he'll face. Forward this message to your friends or use this handy tool:

Even conservative commentators and editorial boards see the writing on the wall -- they have been weighing in against DeLay's misdeeds and shaming his fellow Republicans for supporting him.
Who exactly has been doing that?
But House Republicans don't care -- his money for influence machine and his power-hungry crusades have become standard practice for the GOP.

The DeLay boat is sinking. And it's taking the entire Republican Party with it.
Yeah... the Republican party is in shambles... Republicans only controls the House, the Senate, and the Whitehouse... Whatever will they do?
Thank you for making sure every American knows it.
I'll do best to share what your saying, but I think my readers will see through the talkingpoints

Nancy, Jesse, and Josh
The DNC Internet Team

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