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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Fool and the Traitor

The Fool and the Traitor

One came to us sooner, the other came later,
The first is a Fool the second's a Traitor.
The Fool showed his colors in dark murky waters
Giving fathers good cause to lock up their daughters.
Stern Teddy decries we've no plan to get out,
Invoking his own, an unbridled rout.
To him exit strategy has but one purpose,
Get the door open and swim to the surface.
The Traitor, well folks, that's more complicated,
His history's distorted, war records inflated.
He's a hero he claims but his buddies say no,
Leaving him as a hero with no place to go.
When our country was bleeding, he bled us with leeches,
Giving false testimony, which history impeaches.
Then somehow expected that we'd all forget,
And elect him commander, oh sure, John, you bet.
Getting back to the Fool, do we heed this old boozer,
Who constantly tells us that we are a loser?
When facts tell us different, tell us we are a winner,
Despite the nay says of this blowhard 'aginner.
We're on the right side, we're fightin' for freedom,
And those who oppose us, well, we're gonna bleed 'em.
The jihadists we fight end in bloody repose;
And the Fool and the Traitor with a bad bloody nose.

Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66

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