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Sunday, December 12, 2004

McCain A Front Runner?

Not a chance.

I was reading: McCain's Steroids Push Puts Him in '08 Mix and decided that if McCain runs, I will oppose him with the same veracity with which I opposed John Kerry. McCain is a wolf in sheep's clothing... or an ass pretending to be an elephant might be a better way to describe him.

The article calls McCain "the straight-talking Republican who often challenges the GOP establishment" but I think a more accurate description of McCain is a loud mouth liberal embraced by the liberal establishment media and his democrat comrades. I'm not surprised that the press would want to start a buzz about McCain, he is a media whore and there aint nothing the media loves like its whores, but I am surprised that any self respecting republicans would back him:
"The big question is: Can McCain get any hotter?" said Scott Reed, a Republican consultant.
My big question is "Can he get any further to the left?" My guess is the further left he goes the "hotter" he will get in the left dominated press.
"He's pretty well set to go in four years," said Jerry Roe, a former head of the Michigan Republican Party. "Politicians that go anyplace are like rock stars. McCain's a rock star."


He's such a unique personality, and he's one of the few United States senators who has a national constituency," said Marshall Wittmann, McCain's former communications director who became a Democrat this year. He suggests that Democratic Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and perhaps Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts may be the only others.
Ahhh... how interesting, a former McCain staffer showed his true colors and switched parties. And the icing on the cake: he puts McCain in the same boat as Ed Kennedy and Hillary Clinton! This DEMOCRAT has it completely right in that McCain's name should be associated with the likes of Hillary Clinton and Edward Kennedy, all three are loudmouth liberals who do NOT represent conservative America or our values.
"Anything they say on an issue, people take note. And, if it wasn't an issue before, it's made into an issue," said Wittmann.


Still, Jack Pitney, a political scientist at Claremont McKenna College in California, asked: "Who else is there?

"Other than the president, McCain can upstage most other Republicans in his party," Pitney said. "Frist may be the majority leader, but McCain is the Republican everyone knows."
Riiight... I would vote for Giuliani, Ridge, Gingrich, Rice, Powell, even Joe Lieberman, before I would vote for McCain. I think Giuliani would be a good pick for 08, but Ridge is also a good choice. Gingrich would have a tougher time getting the votes, but I think he would make an excellent president. My shortlist isn't perfect, and I am sure I am overlooking some great choices, but I think my response more than answers the ridiculous "Who else is there?" question.

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