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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Noonan: Right on the Money.... again

Like it is any surprise Peggy Noonan would have something intelligent to say about this election:
George W. Bush is the first president to win more than 50% of the popular vote since 1988. (Bill Clinton failed to twice; Mr. Bush failed to last time and fell short of a plurality by half a million.) The president received more than 59 million votes, breaking Ronald Reagan's old record of 54.5 million. Mr. Bush increased his personal percentages in almost every state in the union. He carried the Catholic vote and won 42% of the Hispanic vote and 24% of the Jewish vote (up from 19% in 2000.)

It will be hard for the mainstream media to continue, in the face of these facts, the mantra that we are a deeply and completely divided country. But they'll try!
I was alluding towards that same point the other night, though I was a bit tired so I'm not sure I made that point particularly clear:
If you are a Bush supporter, you have much to be happy about... Bush has won the popular vote, by a LOT.

I know people will say that Bush only got 51-52% of the popular vote; but when you look at how many people voted yesterday, we see a clear mandate from the people - a clear decision. Yes it was close, but this does not mean we are divided, this means we were all enthused. We all did out best to rally our troops and commit to the democratic process. This election saw millions of new voters, and when all is said and done, our country is just split pretty evenly, with a slight majority Republican. The American people made their voice heard and the American people have spoken.
I am of the strong opinion that the left is trying to play divisive politics game... divide and conquer... Separate and segregate. The left works on trying to pit the poor against the rich, the old against the young, the minority against the majority, only in playing this game to they get any support at all. I think that is terribly sad.

Rather than trying to work together with one another, to build coalitions willing to work for the betterment of all mankind, the left wants to try to keep people in pigeonholes and play the special interests game. I don't mind that they do these things as much as I mind their intellectual dishonesty about doing it...

I can appreciate an honest person with a strategy I disagree with. I cannot appreciate dishonesty. Perhaps that is why I felt such a connection to Bush and a revulsion for Kerry. I really think that Senator Kerry is very likely a nice guy, a good father / husband, who is genuinely interested in helping people, BUT he is, in many ways, a dishonest man. I could not trust him. He betrayed his government and his fellow soldiers after Vietnam, he betrayed our troops in Iraq by casting what he called a "protest vote" to not support them, and he lied repeatedly about both. ...but enough about Kerry. Let him be the problem of Massachusetts voters.

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