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Monday, November 29, 2004

Lefties Politely "Warn" Righties

Beware perils of overreaching, GOP is warned.

Libs must think we conservatives are complete idiots. Honestly, do they expect us to buy this kind of BS...
Political analysts warn that overly aggressive efforts to push a conservative agenda could leave Bush and his allies vulnerable to charges of political overreaching, and ultimately cause a voter backlash.
First off we have to question who are these political analysts? Obviously they are not conservatives. No right-minded conservative would say, "You have a mandate, now just be sure not to take advantage of it; we wouldn't want to reward the people who voted for us with an agenda that matches the conservative platforms on which you ran." To say such a thing would be utter nonsense. Maybe a liberal republican (see wolf in sheep's clothing) might give such an absurd piece of advice to the conservatives in the party, but this is clearly desperate libs trying to use fear and panic to sway conservatives from their agenda. The article continues:
So far, no such backlash is in sight.
Duh! We just had an election. Bush is in power for 4 more years. We won't likely lose control of the house and senate in the mean time. We have between 2 and 4 years to pass as much conservative legislation as possible... and there is no reason not to; it's what the people voted for!
Democrats hope that Bush and congressional Republicans overplay their hand so the Democrats will have a better chance of making a comeback in the 2006 and 2008 elections. Already Democrats are saying that Republicans are emphasizing an ideological rather than a middle-of-the-road approach to governing.
See, this is how stupid the libs think we are... they think they can use a little reverse-psychology to overwhelm our fragile conservative minds. So sad are the libs that they think we would fall for so poorly a laid trap.

Liberal Democrat: Boy, I suuuure do hope you conservatives press your conservative agenda! That will result in a voter backlash, angry Deaniacs will pour out of the woodwork, and we will throw you conservatives out on your butts.

Conservative Republican: Good Idea! We are going ahead with our conservative agenda in order that we represent the will of the people who voted to give us this mandate.

Liberal: Shoot-No, see, we Democrats "want" you to have a conservative agenda and to go forward with it.

Conservative: Ok. Good. We want the same thing.

Liberal: Yeah, but you guys disagree with us on just about everything. If we want you to vote conservative, maybe you should rethink your vote.

Conservative: No, that's okay. We have core positions. We don't flip-flop just to spite you.

Liberal: Hey man, I am just trying to help you out. I am giving you a heads up that if you vote conservative you are going to lose power. I am helping you.

Conservative: How stupid do you think we are? We...

Liberal: - Pretty stupid...

Conservative: -know that you aren't going to actually give us any advice that is going to help us. You have lost. Miserably. We have won. Decisively. Now you are trying to do everything you can think of to get us to be "inclusive" and act as if we have no majority whatsoever. Why on earth would we win all the power only to let it sit idle so as not to offend the minority of Americans who agree with you. Why would we tell the majority of Americans that the values that are important to them need to be put on the backburner so we don't offend the kooks on the left? You aren't trying to help us, it's obvious you don't want us to use our mandate, and you think we are dumb enough to fall prey to your scare-tactics that if we stick to the same conservative ideas that got us the power in the first place, that we will lose our power. You want to talk about backlash, howabout the backlash that conservatives will get from those who voted for us if we DON'T push the conservative agenda. They didn't vote for us to see us not represent them by voting in accordance with their wishes. I mean, come off it man, you aren't fooling anyone

Liberal: ... just ... trying to ... help

Conservative: Riight.

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