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Friday, November 12, 2004

Arafat Dead: Good

The passing of an evil terrorist bastard has been met with a flurry of positive remarks about his awful, wretched life. Yasser Arafat was a murderous thug, a hypocritical thief, a compulsive liar, but most of all a terrorist.

George Washington is considered the father of this nation (USA). James Madison is known as the father of the constitution. Thomas Jefferson is known by some as the father of invention. Martin Luther King Jr. is known as the father of the civil rights movement. Yasser Arafat will be remembered as the father of modern day terrorism.

Arafat can solely be attributed with taking acts of terror (i.e. the murder of innocent civilians) to be used as a method of gaining awareness and legitimacy for a particular cause.

Arafat is as responsible for 9/11 as is Bin Laden because Bin Laden has done nothing more than emulate the great satan that Arafat embodied. Just as Yasser Arafat was known to kidnap, torture, and murder thousands of innocent men, women, and especially children, Bin Laden too chose to strike America by attacking a civilian installation packed to the brim with innocent men, women, and children. Arafat was no less a terrorist than Bin Laden; infact, Arafat was far worse than Bin Laden because he was the founder and revolutionary father of the practice of terrorism.

As far as I can tell, the media's absurd embrace of this lunatic madman can only be explained away as an act of true moral cowardice. Even in his death, Arafat has been able to command such an overwhelming influence, fueled by fear and panic within the media such that they are unable to call him out for the brutal, awful murderer of children that he truly was. The media cowardice seems to be purely a symptom of fear of reprisal. Let there be no doubt whatsoever that the narcissist liberals who control the world media are thinking only of themselves while they canonize this hellishly evil man.

No matter how hard I try to put into words the awful nature of this man, I fall short. No terms can be too harsh when talking about Arafat. Yasser Arafat, in terms of sheer evil, is second only to Hitler... and it is a very close second.

In case any of you reading this think I have fallen off into the deep end on this issue, I implore you to read some of the following articles by those with enough courage to stand up to the tide of narcissistic, appeasement-seeking, morally bankrupt, liberal reporters seeking to pass off a BS revisionist version of this horrible man's life.

Arafat the monster - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe

How Arafat cheated his own - John Kerin, The Australian

Arafat Seen As Hero and Terrorist - Rob Moll, Christianity Today

Godfather of Terror - Jamie Glazov,

Arafat One Of The Richest Terrorists - Gary Fitleberg,

Moses in Reverse: The Real Yasser Arafat - Rev. Dr. Albert Mohler, Christian Post

See the Video-Tribute!!!

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