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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Supreme Court will hear 10 Commandments Cases

The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will take up the constitutionality of Ten Commandments displays on government land and buildings, a surprise announcement that puts justices in the middle of a politically sensitive issue.

Justices have repeatedly refused to revisit issues raised by their 1980 decision that banned the posting of copies of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms.
I really hope they rule that there is nothing wrong with displaying the 10 Commandments. Somehow their interpretation of religious issues has evolved from a position of non-establishment to non-existence... the Constitution is supposed to protect against establishment while PROTECTING the free exercise thereof. The courts have gone so far in the direction of non-establishment that they seem to have forgotten the free exercise part.

A lot of people argue that preventing all religious expression on public/government land does not infringe on one's right to practice their religion in their church. This is true; but, allowing a manger display in front of city hall or the 10 commandments in classrooms or government buildings is a far cry from the governmental establishment of religion.

How is having an Easter break an establishment of religion? Can one argue that the government is forcing you to accept Christianity because it recognizes the majority of its citizens are Christians? There is a difference between promoting religion in general (which should not be seen as establishment) and establishing a national religion.

If the government allowed prayer time in schools and allowed the showing of the 10 commandments, which religion would the government have established? All faiths have prayer; all the major religions have the 10 commandments... allowing their presence is simply allowing the practice of faith. How is recognizing the importance of faith the establishment of any particular religion. If the government doesn't allow the showing of faith, then they are infringing on the free exercise thereof... that's how I see it. A little religion is a good thing. Too much is a bad thing. The SC should allow a little religion; lest our whole society be swallowed up by nihilism.

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