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Friday, October 22, 2004

Staring At The Monitor: 4:40 AM

It's late but I'm still blogging.
Came across: John Kerry Staring At The Ceiling at 2AM and I just had to share it. It's good... Real good. The Intro:
I can’t sleep . . . I’m so close. I’m going to be President if I play this right.

The Electoral Vote Predictor on AOL, as of today, has me ahead 284 to 247.

If they’re right and the election is held tomorrow, I will be President of the United States. Thirty years after I testified in front of Congress against our soldiers while the enemy was holding many of them prisoners in Vietnam, I’m about to be to be elected to run the nation.

I say never underestimate the American People’s capacity to forgive and forget -- most of all forget.
You have got to read the full article. It nails Kerry on his Vietnam testimony, points out that he promises everything to everyone:
I mean it’s not that I don’t stand for something.

Hell I stand for everything. But America’s eating it up. I’ve got them eating out of my hand. If they’re young, I promise them free education. If they’re old, I promise them free medication. If they’re feeling put upon, I promise them instant vindication. Bottom line is if it ends in “tion” I promise it to someone.
It nails Kerry on running from his liberal record:
Up until November 2, I am John Kerry The Conservative Religious Defender of The National Rifle Association. After that, I can be like my hero Jimmy Carter with a deeper voice and a better accent.
nails Kerry for the flip-flopping:
Wish I hadn’t said I would treat terrorism as a nuisance like prostitution. But it’s a two day world. All I have to do is take a position I think they want to hear and then, if it backfires, take the opposite position. The flip-flop charge is an old issue -- I was able to change positions during the debate and thanks to my full head of hair and deep Presidential voice, no one watching was paying attention.
For the Mary Cheney Comment, For his record on raising taxes and his pledge not to raise them. Everything is on the table; flu shots, trial law, prescription drugs... excellent article. And with that, I'm off to bed.

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