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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Predebate prediction

Bush is rearing up for the next debate. I have a predebate prediction. I felt the last debate was a draw, that Cheney won the VP debate, and I believe that the press will decide that Bush will win this next debate (since they said Kerry won the first debate). This will fit with their neck and neck BS storyline that they have been trying to force on the American people.

The only polls showing a tight race and or a slight edge for Kerry are Democrat run polls... most independent polls have been showing a clear lead for Bush (averaging about 55% for Bush), but because these do not fit the Media storyline, these polls are brushed aside. After the next debate, the press will say, "Wow, Bush did much better than in the last debate, this was a much better debate, this favors Bush who needed the win after losing the first debate, now both candidates have won a debate and are tied, this reflects the split down the polls, American people polarized, yadda yadda yadda..." Of course, the Democrats and CBS will declare that Kerry wins no matter what happens, but I think the rest of the press will give this debate to Bush in order to add drama to their story line...

Then again, this is all just conjecture on my part. Most conservatives reading this are probably thinking, "Are you nuts? Those nutjobs in the media were trying to say Edwards won and he got thrashed!" Well, it would be predictable for the media to declare Kerry the winner no matter what. Predictable is boring. What is going to sell a paper, 'Bush with a surprise win on Domestic Policy after Kerry surprise win on Foreign Policy', or 'Kerry wins second debate'?

People love plot twists and surprise endings. The media certainly hasn't been accurately reporting what has been going on this election cycle; I predict they have a preconceived storyline, and I think they will give Bush the win this time around and then show Bush with a slight lead in the polls after the debate only to steadily decline in the polls everyday until the election . When election day rolls around they will have put both candidates neck and neck. That, in my mind, will sell newspapers. That, in my mind, will keep people interested. That, in my mind, will motivate people to vote. That is what I am predicting is the media's strategy going into the next debate.

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