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Thursday, October 07, 2004

October Surprise!

Some have been dreading it, others have been awaiting it with breathless anticipation; pundits, bloggers, talk show hosts, and political junkies have been gathering around water coolers trying to come up with ideas as to what dirty tricks both sides may have up their sleeves. Whether you are like Teresa Heinz Kerry and Michael Moore, who seem to believe that Bush is waiting to announce the capture of Osama Bin Laden until just before the election, or you believe that Kerry and Edwards are going to be able to produce another 'DUI Arrest' type bombshell against the President, one thing is for certain: it's October and it's time for a surprise!

I think, this is just conjecture, but I think I may have figured out this year's October surprise. Republicans have little to worry about, the left unloaded everything they had on Bush in the last election... they even recycled old material, attacking Bush's service record, some of which was based on some Rather interesting CBS documents. Their attempts to scare voters with an internet 'draft' rumor fell short, and I think the DNC is just about out of Ammo. The left, however, has much to fear. Kerry has 20 years of skeletons in his closet, including a senate record which, as of yet, has not been challenged in any meaningful way.

I think Carl Rove's October surprise is this: a calculated decision to hold off the attacks on Kerry's senate history until the final weeks before the election. The next debate is an opportunity for the President to force Kerry onto his own sword... a sword forged in the fires of liberal hypocrisy. Kerry has 20 years of voting for higher taxes, for bigger government, for higher taxes, against gun rights, for higher taxes, for abortion, for higher taxes, for more government control over our lives, for higher taxes, against small business, and lest I forget for higher taxes.

Just take a look at the comments from a recent presidential Rally in Michigan
My opponent and I have a very different view as how to grow our economy. We have a difference of opinion. Let's start with taxes. I have a record of reducing them. He has a record of raising them.


THE PRESIDENT: He voted in the United States Senate to raise taxes 98 times.


THE PRESIDENT: That sounds like a lot to me. He voted for higher taxes on Social Security benefits.


THE PRESIDENT: He voted in 1997 for the formula that has helped cause the increases in Medicare premiums.


THE PRESIDENT: And when I proposed middle class tax relief in order to get this economy going, I asked Congress to raise the child credit, reduce the marriage penalty and create a new 10 percent bracket for lower-income Americans -- he voted against every one of those taxes to help the middle class.


THE PRESIDENT: Now he's proposing higher taxes -- higher taxes on about 900,000 small business owners.


THE PRESIDENT: When you hear him say, tax the rich, a lot of small businesses pay individual income taxes. As a matter of fact, 90 percent of small businesses do. And we've heard that rhetoric, haven't we, tax the rich? That's why the rich hire lawyers and accountants, to stick you with the bill, to stick those small business owners with the bill. We're not going to let him tax you. We're going to win Michigan and win in November. (Applause.)
Not convinced yet? Read some more
My opponent and I have different views on spending -- spending your money. Over the years he's voted 274 times to break federal budget limits. In this campaign he's announced more than $2 trillion in new spending. And that's a lot of money, even for somebody from Massachusetts. (Applause.)

During his 20 years as a senator, my opponent hasn't had many accomplishments. Of the hundreds of bills he submitted, only five became law. One of them was ceremonial. But to be fair, he's earned a special distinction in Congress. The nonpartisan National Journal analyzed his record and named John Kerry the most liberal member of the United States Senate.


THE PRESIDENT: And when the competition includes Ted Kennedy, that's really saying something. Listen, it wasn't easy for my opponent to become the single most liberal member of the Senate. You might even say it was hard work. (Laughter.) But he earned that title. He earned it by voting for higher taxes, more regulation, more junk lawsuits, and more government control over your life.

And that sets up one of the real differences in this campaign. My opponent is a tax-and-spend liberal; I'm a compassionate conservative. (Applause.) My opponent wants to empower government; I want to use government to empower citizens. (Applause.) My opponent seems to think all the wisdom is found in Washington, D.C.; I trust the wisdom of the American people. (Applause.)
I think this is just the beginning. I expect the rest of this month to be declared 'Kerry Senate History Month' because by the end of the month, every American paying attention is going to hear Kerry's record attacked constantly by bloggers, talk show hosts, the president, etc. This could very well be the October surprise... and the left won't see it coming till its already too late.

This rally was the first time I have seen the President making a concerted effort to attack Kerry's record. I can guarantee it will not be the last.

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