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Sunday, October 03, 2004

NYT's: All The Lies They Feel Like Printing

I happened upon a NYT piece via drudge. The piece includes the following
Today, 18 months after the invasion of Iraq, investigators there have found no evidence of hidden centrifuges or a revived nuclear weapons program. The absence of unconventional weapons in Iraq is now widely seen as evidence of a profound intelligence failure, of an intelligence community blinded by "group think," false assumptions and unreliable human sources.
I would like to direct everyone to the following article: Garden Secrets: Iraqi Scientist Says Nuclear Components Buried Under Rose Bush
As teams of U.S. officials scour the country for evidence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, U.S. officials uncovered critical parts of Iraqi nuclear technology buried under a rose bush in Ubaydi's garden.

Other items of interest found buried in his garden included:

A 2-foot-tall stack of related documents.

A number of the most-difficult-to-make parts.

Examples and templates which would be used to make a large number of centrifuges. A large number of centrifuges are needed to make nuclear weapons.

Ubaydi said the elements represent a complete set of what would be needed to rebuild a centrifuge uranium enrichment program. He said he was told to bury it in his back yard until inspectors from the United Nations' IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) in Iraq before the Gulf War left.


An IAEA official told ABCNEWS that the centrifuge component dug up in Ubaydi's backyard was a "bottom bearing housing" of a centrifuge, or the sensitive part on which the centrifuge rests as it spins at high speed, separating heavy and light molecules in order to get weapons-grade enriched uranium.

Or Nuke program parts unearthed in Baghdad back yard
the parts of a gas centrifuge system for enriching uranium were part of a highly sophisticated system he was ordered to hide to be ready to rebuild the bomb program.

Funny how the NYTs seemed to omit that part, eh?

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