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Monday, October 04, 2004

Kerry's Post Debate Waffles

It has only been a handful of days since the first presidential debates, but already Kerry has, predictably, begun dishing out his world famous waffles. Whether you call these waffles or flip flops is of little consequence, the point is this: in only 4 days since laying out his plan for foreign policy to the world, Kerry has already begun shifting and changing his core positions. The most obvious change in position has been over Kerry's stance on pre-emptive force. Kerry, in the debates said:
The president always has the right, and always has had the right, for preemptive strike. That was a great doctrine throughout the Cold War. And it was always one of the things we argued about with respect to arms control.

No president, though all of American history, has ever ceded, and nor would I, the right to preempt in any way necessary to protect the United States of America.

But if and when you do it, Jim, you have to do it in a way that passes the test, that passes the global test where your countrymen, your people understand fully why you're doing what you're doing and you can prove to the world that you did it for legitimate reasons.
Bush responded at the debates saying "I'm not exactly sure what you mean, 'passes the global test,' you take preemptive action if you pass a global test. My attitude is you take preemptive action in order to protect the American people, that you act in order to make this country secure." Bush also nailed Kerry at a Bush rally in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on Oct. 2nd
In the debate -- in the debate my opponent also said something revealing when he laid out the Kerry doctrine. (Laughter.) He said this, that America has to pass a global test --


THE PRESIDENT: -- before we can use troops to defend ourselves. Senator Kerry's approach to foreign policy would give foreign governments veto power over national security decisions.


THE PRESIDENT: I have a different view. (Applause.) When our country is in danger, the President's job is not to take an international poll. The President's job is to defend America. (Applause.)
In response to the overwhelming criticism Kerry has received in response to his global test doctrine, the Kerry campaign has responded with what can only be described as another flip-flop, or waffle, from something Kerry said in the debates. In the debates, Kerry was asked
you've repeatedly accused President Bush -- not here tonight, but elsewhere before -- of not telling the truth about Iraq, essentially of lying to the American people about Iraq. Give us some examples of what you consider to be his not telling the truth.

KERRY: Well, I've never, ever used the harshest word, as you did just then. And I try not to. I've been -- but I'll nevertheless tell you that I think he has not been candid with the American people.
So Kerry said he has never called the President a liar and tries not to use the harshest term (lie) when referring to the President's statements BUT Kerry's response to the criticism over his 'global test' doctrine does just that.

From the USA Today, New Kerry ad says Bush lied about debate Kerry's new ad, entitled "He's Lost, He's Desperate" states
Narrator: "George Bush lost the debate. Now he's lying about it. This is what you heard John Kerry really say:

Kerry: "The president always has the right for pre-emptive strike.

I will hunt and kill the terrorists, wherever they are."
Well, yes, Kerry did say both of those things, but cherry picking lines out of a speech and ignoring the caveat (But if and when you do it, Jim, you have to do it in a way that passes the test, that passes the global test...) is nothing short of lying. Kerry is quoting himself out of context to change the reality of what was said in order to make that charge that Bush is lying!

What amazes me is that time and again Kerry tries to pull off these ridiculous stunts and thinks they will work! Kerry is now lying about what he said in order to make the charge that the President is lying. I can't help but think maybe he is being set-up.... that his handlers and political strategists are working against him... feeding him garbage that might fly with the most partisan Dems but alienating him with the rest of the country in the process. How stupid do these people think we are?

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