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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Kerry on Iraq

Dear Ken,

I strongly encourage you to watch the updated Kerry Iraq Documentary at

In the first debate John Kerry said his position on Iraq was "clear"--but this documentary refutes that claim and it does so using Senator Kerry's own words!

We need you to spread the word--tell people to watch the documentary, forward the link to all your friends and family--because every American must see for themselves that John Kerry's inconsistencies and contradictions on the war in Iraq do not encompass one "clear" position and they completely refute the notion that he is a strong and decisive leader.

This documentary exposes the truth about John Kerry's inability to be decisive when it comes to one of the central issues of our time. I urge you to forward this email to as many people as you can.

Everyone needs to see why Senator Kerry's own words are so devastating.
I have actually watched this documentary several times. I ordered the free DVD and have shown it to friends and family. I must agree, Kerry's own words are devastating. I knew about Kerry's waffles for months, and Esoteric * Diatribe would never have come into existence if not for my need to expose Kerry's waffles.

9/11 and the War on Terror changed millions of American's lives forever. I will never forget the lessons we learned that fateful day. It is because of 9/11 that I know that John Kerry is not fit to be commander in chief at this critical point in the war on terror. He cannot be trusted to be a consistent and steady leader; moreover, Bush is doing an excellent job.

I encourage everyone to go to and see for themselves the truth about John Kerry. If you have a slow internet connection, or if you just want to show more people, you can order a DVD (but I doubt it will reach you before election day).

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