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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Kerry Cheat Sheet?

Woah! Anyone visit Drudge lately? It seems Kerry may have cheated during the debates... Kerry was captured taking something out of his pocket and later looked to be unfolding a piece of paper. According to the debate rules, which both sides agreed to, "No props, notes, charts, diagrams, or other writings or other tangible things may be brought into the debate by either candidate." Interesting!

A lot of people are asking "So what?" Those people are called Democrats. It is a big deal, if, in fact, Kerry did break the rules he agreed to abide by, but why wouldn't he? Think about it, it's not like breaking the rules of the debate will land him in jail... it just shows that, if he did infact cheat, he is a dishonest and untrustworthy person. Well I have a newsflash for you, there are a few thousand Vietnam Veterans who could have told you that!

Democrats and Liberals are likely to either:
A.) Refuse to believe it
B.) Say, "So what? See, Kerry is smart cause he knew how to get an edge"
C.) Say "This is all part of a vast rightwing conspiracy and just goes to show how desperate Bush supporters are that they have to resort to smear tactics to cover up the fact that Bush lost the debate miserably"
D.) All of these things.

I am putting my money on the last option. Since I taped the debates, I am gonna watch for it and see what I can see.

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