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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Jon Stewart Shocks World: Supports Kerry

Here is a real shocker (sarcasm)... Jon Stewart, of Daily Show fame, supports John Kerry for President.
Jon Stewart Hands Vote To Kerry (CBS MarketWatch)
Which is more amazing, that the always unfair and unbalanced CBS is running this story, that anyone wouldn't already know Jon steward's political preferences from watching more than about 2 nanoseconds of his horribly biased Comedy Central Daily Show, or that CBS actually thinks John Stewart's vote is news worthy?

Actually I did find a telling bit about Stewart in this article
Commenting on the third and final Bush-Kerry debate, Stewart said "both men took rhetoric to another level. I was truly blown away." He said the president's performance was memorable this time, noting: "He wasn't angry Bush from the second debate or retarded Bush from the first debate."
I guess Jon Stewart is just another liberal hypocrite; preach tolerance and acceptance, except when it comes to "retards"

I've never been all that impressed with Jon Stewart. I don't care about his vote, but maybe he cares about mine: you see, I like Comedy Central... a lot; but every time the Daily Show comes on the TV goes off. I vote every day to tune out Jon Stewart because he doesn't veil his political opinion and I am turned off by his politics. I feel the same way about Saturday Night Live, anymore. When it turns on, I tune out. That is how I vote against them. I suggest you do the same. Particularly if you are offended by those who make fun of "retards".

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