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Sunday, October 24, 2004

How To Keep An Idiot In Suspense For 36 Hours

Powerline, Blogs For Bush, LGF, Red State, et al have received a tip that on Monday morning the Washington Times will break a story which could potentially be devastating the Kerry campaign. As you all know, I'm sure, the sites receiving the tip are what you might call "heavyweights" in the blogging community... I am still waiting for the tip to come to my inbox. Waiting and waiting... heh.

In the mean time, rumors and allegations are flying as bloggers try to figure out just what this big story could be. Will this be the much anticipated October Surprise? Some have indicated that the Wash Times story will uncover a Kerry lie... that really narrows it down. The Swiftvets uncovered about 1000 Kerry lies.

A safe bet would be that the Wash Times has uncovered something which occurred between Kerry's time at Yale and his time in the Senate. Kerry told a lot of lies to get elected and stay elected. But... Kerry also has a 20 year Senate record. Perhaps an intern somewhere in there? If this is solely based on a lie told by Kerry; maybe it has something to do with ties to 527's. The blogosphere is perplexed. And we will continue to be perplexed... cause we are all just sitting here in suspense until Monday morning... or until Drudge or someone else gets the scoop.

Update: lgf is reporting that this story 'has something to do with Kerry’s foreign policy and his honesty...' Rathergate has indicated that it has to do with something recent. I wonder if it is related to this: Kerry: Bush Allowed Bin Laden to Escape... but Tommy Franks already refuted that... hrm... Could it be something to do with Iran? Hmmm... probably not, the Wash Times is supposed to be breaking the story. What could it be? What could it be?

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