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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Democrat Playbook

I use sitemeter to keep tabs on what posts get attention on E*D. Sitemeter lets me see referring pages, so I can find out what search phrases people use to find E*D. Today I had one for Democrat Playbook. Coincidentally, a Drudge piece from a few days ago leaking a page from the Democrat Playbook was in the press and I happened to see the two at roughly the same time... so why not at least have a topical post for whoever it was that wanted to know about the democrat playbook.

Democrat playbook opened to criticism
Leaked page reveals push to use tactic of 'pre-emptive strike'
By Peggy Lowe, Rocky Mountain News
October 15, 2004

Excerpt1: ...a leaked page was published urging operatives to lodge a "pre-emptive strike" of claiming voter intimidation, whether it's true or not.

Excerpt2: But Democrats, who verified as authentic the page from a playbook called "Colorado Election Day Manual: A detailed guide to voting in Colorado," said they must be pro-active to assure that minorities and all others are not scared away from the polls.
So the Dems, as part of their official strategy, are telling minorities that they are being disenfranchised and are planning on making false claims of voter intimidation on Nov. 2nd

The second page of the leaked document says "If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a pre-emptive strike." I'll try to get a pic up asap.

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