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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Bush Campaign Declares Victory in Third Debate

From my email bin...
President Bush won a clear victory on substance, style and credibility in the final debate tonight - showing that he's the candidate who "finishes strong." The President spoke with clarity, conviction and compassion about the most important issues facing our country.

On issue after issue, he showed Americans that he shares their values and priorities. He revealed just how far out of the mainstream Kerry's record lies on abortion, gay marriage, immigration, taxes, health care and fiscal discipline.

John Kerry showed how far he's willing to go to deceive the American people about this record when he said "I've actually passed 56 individual bills that I've personally written." The fact is that he has only been the lead sponsor of 5 bills and 4 resolutions that have become law.

The most revealing moments:

Kerry believes education is unrelated to the economy - this is a fundamental misunderstanding of how individuals achieve the American Dream.

President Bush believes that no child should be left behind when it comes to the quality of education she or he can get.

A good education is the foundation for opportunity, prosperity and success.

On immigration, John Kerry said, "we need an earned legalization program for people who have been here a long time." This amnesty proposal stands in contrast to the President's temporary worker program.
Woah... Woah! These guys forgot to mention how Kerry used Dick Cheney's daughter, Mary's sexuality, to try to score points again the president.... BIG MISTAKE!
President Bush revealed John Kerry's tendency to confuse a litany of complaints with a plan. John Kerry demonstrated that he didn't have a plan and he resorted to foreign policy attacks, because he does not have an agenda for America.

Now that the debates are over, we must concentrate on our efforts to turn out the vote.

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