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Thursday, September 30, 2004

NRA Targets Kerry

I wouldn't want to be in these cross hairs...

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The NRA is targetting Kerry with the NRA Political Victory Fund. The NRA-PVF "ranks political candidates—irrespective of party affiliation—based on voting records, public statements and their responses to an NRA-PVF questionnaire."

The NRA has come out against Kerry stating:
If you thought the eight long years of the Clinton/Gore administration's war on firearms owners' rights were oppressive, they would pale in comparison to what John Kerry would have in store for us if he captures the White House and evicts President George W. Bush in November.

John Kerry--whose record of words and misdeeds on firearms rights has earned him a key place among the most solid "F" candidates ever rated by the National Rifle Association--is now posing as a self-styled"lifelong hunter and gun owner," a faux good old boy who says, "I believe in the Second Amendment."

But as someone who has hunted, he`s not one of us. He`s a silver-spoon Boston Brahman--an ideological blood brother to his mentor, Teddy Kennedy.
Full Essay
The NRA backs up their assertions with the following:
FACT: Kerry co-sponsors a bill that would ban all semi-automatic shotguns and detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles, a gigantic step toward bringing Australian-style gun control to the U.S.

FACT: Kerry says, "I think you ought to tax all ammunition, personally, I think you ought to tax guns."

FACT: Kerry has voted nine times in favor of banning semi-auto firearms.

FACT: Kerry has voted for a Ted Kennedy amendment to ban most center-fire rifle ammunition, including the most common rounds used by hunters and target shooters.

FACT: Kerry has voted to close off hundreds of thousands of acres of the California Mojave Desert to hunting.

FACT: Kerry was one of only 18 Senators to oppose the Firearms Owners` Protection Act, which ended alarming abuses being committed under the 1968 Gun Control Act.

FACT:Kerry was one of only 29 Senators to vote to prohibit gun manufacturers from discharging debts created by the reckless lawsuits filed by municipalities.

FACT:Kerry has voted to allow BATF to conduct unlimited warrantless inspections of FFL holders.

FACT: Kerry has voted to criminalize legal sales between private individuals at gun shows.

FACT: Kerry has voted to impose penalties of a year in prison and a $10,000 fine on an adult if a juvenile steals a firearm from him, and then merely displays it in a public place.

FACT: Kerry has voted to force many small firearms dealers out of business, which would have impacted both the availability and price of guns, particularly in rural areas.

FACT: Kerry has voted 11 times to force law-abiding citizens to wait to exercise their Second Amendment rights. He voted to keep the federal waiting period after the National Instant Check System was in place.

FACT: Kerry voted twice to eliminate the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

FACT: Kerry wants to silence gun owners` voices. When NRA sought the same exemption from campaign finance rules that news organizations have, Kerry called that effort "hijacking America`s airwaves."

FACT: Kerry commended the Million Mom March for their march on Washington that included calls for gun owner licensing, gun registration and other restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.
The NRA has concluded that John Kerry`s two-decade long U.S. Senate record of opposing Second Amendment rights makes him the most anti-gun presidential nominee in history. Yikes!

If you donate to their cause, you can be the proud owner of this nifty t-shirt.

Hat Tip: Country Store

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