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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kerry Critical of Allawi, Bush Defends Iraqi Prime Minister

Kerry verbally attacked the Prime Minister of Iraq on Thursday, here are some of the headlines:
Kerry: Allawi's Take on Iraq Unrealistic - AP

Kerry: Allawi Putting Best Face on Failed Policy - L.A. Times

Kerry: Allawi Abets Bush in Putting on 'Best Face' - Wired News

Kerry: Allawi trying to bolster Bush policy - Star Tribune
Bush responded with the following at a Victory 2004 Rally
in Wisconsin
We've got hard work to do in Iraq. And it's tough, and it's hard. I know it's hard. The terrorists over there cannot defeat our military. The only tool they've got is the ability to shake our will. We care for human rights and human dignity. Every life matters to the American people. And therefore, when we see people beheaded on our screens, we cry and we weep. And the terrorists know that. They know we've got a conscience. And we know they don't have a conscience. We must not allow them to shake our will. It's important that we succeed in Iraq. It's important for our security and for the peace of the world that we defeat the terrorists there. This is a central, central front in the war on terror.

Fortunately, we've got a partner, a strong partner in Iraq. He's named Prime Minister Allawi. (Applause.) I was with him yesterday in the Oval Office, had a great visit with him. When I was in New York and saw him, I asked him, is it true that -- about the story I had heard. He said, it's true. He told me the story about the night he woke up in a bed in a flat in London. See, he had been -- he had left the country because Saddam Hussein wanted to kill him. And he woke up one night -- this is a true story -- his wife in his bed next to him, and there was two people next to his bed with axes, sent by Saddam Hussein. They were trying to axe him to death. He survived. He's now the Prime Minister of that country. He's a tough guy who understands. He understands we must not yield. (Applause.) We'll stand with him. When America gives its word, America must keep its word. (Applause.)

If we expect to win this war on terror and secure the homeland, we must be clear about what we say. And the President must mean what he says. (Applause.) That's why you can't keep changing positions based upon polls. My opponent has had seven or eight different positions on Iraq. He can't decide if we should be there or not be there. You cannot lead if you don't know where you want to lead. You cannot lead if you don't know what you believe. You cannot lead if you -- if you get blown around by the political winds. Yesterday, he criticized the Prime Minister of Iraq.


THE PRESIDENT: Right after the Prime Minister spoke to the United States Congress, right after he gave an important speech, Senator Kerry went out and stood in front of the cameras and questioned Prime Minister Allawi's credibility.


THE PRESIDENT: Earlier this week, he said he would prefer the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein to the situation in Iraq today.


THE PRESIDENT: In order for us to succeed in Iraq, the Iraqi people must believe the American people will stand with them. (Applause.) In order to have credibility with those people who are fighting for freedom, the leaders of this country must not send mixed signals. They must earn the credibility of the Iraqi people. Twenty-five million people want to be free in that country. And when they're free, we're better off for it. I'll continue to lead this country with clarity. When I say something, I'll mean what I say. (Applause.)

Update: I added a nifty Cox & Forkum Cartoon to this post

Originally Posted 8:53 PM 09-25-2004

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