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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Great Waffles in the News

Every so often I do a search of waffles in the news to see what I can drudge up on John waffles Kerry. Here is a sampling:
Kerry does Iraq: unfit for command?
Thursday, September 09, 2004 (The Oregonian)
The Republican National Committee may be in big trouble. The RNC, you see, put video out chronicling John Kerry's many positions on Iraq over time -- the flips and the flops, the zigs and the zags, the waffles.
I actually just watched this video. It is pretty damning. I am gonna look for a transcript of the video...
The Herd Species The media and 2004.
Jonah Goldberg - NRO
With Kerry, however, the national press was perfectly willing to let him sail into the Oval Office on his metaphorical Swift boat, never explaining the grotesque inconsistencies, flip-flops, waffles, and panders that have punctuated his otherwise perfectly liberal record. In August, during the whole Swift Boat Vet brouhaha, the only "journalist" who managed to fire off a substantive factual question about Vietnam at Kerry was Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show.
I was thinking about this whole Bush National Guard Service thing... how the AP and 60 minutes, and the other new sources spearheaded the most recent drummed up, hyped up attacks at Bush... where were these guys when the swift boats came out? 60 minutes has yet to interview any of the Swiftees! I am entirely unaware of a single Freedom of Information Act request from the major press to release any of Kerry's records that have come into question... I'll get into more of this in a later post.
Laura lauds hubby:
Tower of strength

Hammering home the Bush campaign's major argument - that the President is an unyielding rock while his opponent waffles and dithers - Laura Bush said he is still the same man she married three months after meeting him at a backyard barbecue, albeit a mite grayer.

I want to post more, but I have other pressing obligations. Perhaps this evening...

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