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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Football Fans For Truth

Politics is a strange creature. Skeptical? Check out the new 527, Football Fans For Truth, which is self described in the following way:
Football Fans for Truth is a new organization that has been created to help the American voter and sports fan determine whether John Kerry can be trusted to represent the nation both as President and sports-fan-in-chief. Football Fans for Truth, a 527 organization, will seek to raise awareness about John Kerry's eminent failures in the area of sports knowledge, especially as it relates to America's favorite sport: football.
Speaking of Football, you may remember my post which featured some humourous takes on this picture

Yes, that is what Kerry looks like when he throws a football.... which is slightly better than what it looks like when he catches a football.

Anyway, Democrats can rest easy, Kerry has been working on his throwing mechanics and has been captured on film with this slightly less fruity looking throw:

I'll keep on top of this in case there are any further developments in this crucially important issue ... Alright, alright, it's not a big deal, but I get a kick out of it anyway.

UPDATE: Oh dear... somehow I missed this recent pic. Democrats: Tremble in Fear!

It just keeps getting worse:

I think this is bordering on political suicide...

If I were a Kerry Advisor - well first I would probably shoot myself... - I would make certain Kerry didn't get within 1000 feet of a football/baseball/etc.

This is doing him harm... not helping his image...

I gotta stop posting these pictures, there are just too many.... ok, one more:

I can't believe what I am seeing



Last Update:

Also check out Kerry Soccer Pics and Kerry Baseball Pics

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