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Monday, September 13, 2004

'Click to Kick' Kerry Campaign

Duane, over at The Forest For The Trees, emailed me with a splendid idea.
Hey Key,

I've started a highly suspect, fairly improper but otherwise fun
"Click To Kick Kerry Campaign" on my blog.

The basic idea is that I'm tired of Kerry ads popping up on my google
AdSense banner so I'm encouraging everyone to click on every Kerry ad
they see on any blog. This will hopefully generate some cash for the
anti-kerry bloggers and will also cause Kerry to spend money on his
adsense ads, money he would otherwise spend on forging TANG memos or
for botox treatments.

If you think it's a good idea pass it on. If you think it's the
dumbest thing you've ever heard that's fine too!

Here is what he suggests:
I recently added the Google AdSense bar to the top of this blog cause, well, free money is always a good thing. After adding the bar I noticed that 90% of the ads are re-elect John Kerry advertisements, most likely because I spend quite a bit of time blogging about Kerry and Google is just that smart.

Well, I've decided that combining my love of money and my distaste for John Kerry would be a great thing to do so I've decided to initiate the "Click to Kick Kerry Campaign". The idea is simple. I go to all my favorite blogs and make sure to click every pro-Kerry ad that I can find, making sure to go through the archives of each blog to ensure I maximize my kicking potential.

The way I figure it, every extra dollar Kerry is billed for his internet advertisement will mean he has one less dollar to spend on re-creating TANG memos or buying ad time in battleground states. And the fact that Kerry will be funding the very blogs that are bringing down his campaign is just a wonderful bit of irony.

So, click away my friends, click away!
A very good idea indeed - but for all lefty sites, not just Kerry. Make err and ACT etc pay for their lies.

Also, I think it should be noted that all Adsense members have absolute control over which types of sites may appear on their site. Members are allowed to go in and filter out sites they don't want to appear. This is what I will do if I get Adsense... I want sponsors that people might legitimately want to visit, not lefty sites.


On a side note, I was rejected by Google for Adsense for apparently violating policies concerning content (being anti a person/group/etc.) I objected to my rejection stating that I failed to see how my site fit that category and was told the rejection was in err and that I should expect an email inviting me into the program. I have still not recieved that email so I will write another letter of complaint.

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