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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Barking Moonbats Assail New Yorkers

I haven't been blogging too much lately... just posting transcripts of some speeches people ought to read, but I thought I'd take an opportunity to discuss one example of the idiocy on display in the streets of New York by so-called "peaceful" activists who are trying to increase awareness of various issues. Take for instance today's protest in New York's Grand Central Station
NEW YORK (Reuters) - About 200 activists swarmed into New York's Grand Central Station on Thursday, hung banners and chanted "Fight AIDS, not war" on the day President Bush accepts the Republican nomination at his party's convention.


"This administration has abrogated its responsibility to the American public and people infected with HIV and AIDS," said Errol Chimloi of Housing Works, a group that advocates for poor people with HIV and AIDS. He said government money "has been spent on the Iraq war instead of in our communities."

Protesters from the AIDS activist group ACT UP released two banners and colorful balloons in the high-ceilinged concourse as thousands of commuters were arriving in the city for the work day. The banners said "America has AIDS" and "Cure AIDS." Then 200 protesters strode into the building chanting "Fight AIDS, not war" and other slogans.
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So these guys want to make claims that Bush has not made efforts to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in America? Let's look at his track record:
Combating HIV/AIDS Domestically
President Bush proposed $17.1 billion in spending in his 2005 budget to expand prevention, care and treatment, and research efforts to combat HIV/AIDS within the United States.

The President proposed more than $2 billion for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program, which provides care and treatment for those living with HIV/AIDS, and $2.7 billion for HIV/AIDS research, a 21 percent increase over 2001 funding.
And internationally?
On January 28, 2003, during the State of the Union Address, President Bush announced The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (The Emergency Plan), a five-year, $15 billion initiative to combat the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. These resources focus primarily on 15 of the most afflicted countries in the world. Specifically, The Emergency Plan is intended to treat 2 million HIV-infected people, prevent 7 million new infections, and care for 10 million HIV-infected individuals and AIDS orphans. For further information on The Emergency Plan please visit here.
If these activists want to raise awareness to a problem, why do they blame the man who has done more, and pledged more American tax dollars to the fight of AIDS, than any other American President, or foreign leader, in history? These people should be applauding Bush, not blaming him. Do these idiots, who think they are raising awareness, even know, themselves, that Bush is spending more on AIDS now than has ever been spent before? Do they know that in Bush's Agenda in a plan to increase AIDS spending even further?

I don't think they do know the truth. In fact, I think the truth is the last thing they are really interested in. I would go as far as saying that these protestors, the super majority anyway, do not have the foggiest notion as to what the Bush Administration has done to combat AIDS. In fact, I'll bet most of them are there purely to protest Bush and could care less which "cause" they have decided to take up that day.

These protestors are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. Instead of leading by example, conducting research on AIDS or donating to AIDS research, they show up in droves to try to block productive members of society from getting to work. They show up with their rhetoric but when they go home they do nothing to actually try to help the situation. These people are agitators, not problem solvers... and that is why they hate Bush; that is why they hate conservatives; that is why they hate republicans... because we don't just talk the talk. We are the problem solvers. We are the hard workers. We do practice what we preach. We are the productive members of society who work instead of take the day off to protest. I don't know where these guys get their money, but I know I can't afford to take time off to sit in a busy commuter hub and block other people from going about their lives.

These people don't really care about AIDS... they care about doing anything and saying anything to make Bush look bad. The truth is this: Bush has done more to fight AIDS than anyone else in history; more than these silly protestors will ever accomplish in their effort to "raise awareness." It is so thoroughly disingenuous to take on a 'cause' when your true motives are so clearly visible... but it makes complete sense to me that people like this DO support John waffles Kerry for President.

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