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Monday, August 09, 2004

Why Kerry Will Lose The Election...

I came across the following article while committed to my never enteding task of exposing the real John Kerry (or, as I like to call him, John "waffles" Kerry). Hope you enjoy it:
Why Kerry Will Lose The Election

Adam Sparks

John Kerry will lose this election, and he will do so decisively. The defeat will go down as perhaps the only thing this candidate has ever done decisively.


Let's be serious; the convention was a grand flop. Following the event, polls were all over the place: Some showed no postconvention increase for Kerry at all, and others had a bounce so small it was within the margin of error. But the most seriously devastating of all them all was the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll. In that survey of likely voters, President Bush led Kerry 50 percent to 46 percent. Ouch -- that's gotta hurt. A Newsweek survey did show some good news for Kerry, who picked up a few points in that vote. The bad news? It was the most dreadful showing of any postconvention bounce in the decades since the newsmagazine began measuring such shifts.


This was Kerry's moment in the sun to introduce himself to Americans and talk about issues. Yet it was quite difficult among all his rhetoric to figure out what he was for or against, or what he would do differently. If he has not defined himself by now to the American people, any new self-definitions revealed as Election Day nears will be a day late and a dollar short.


Kerry has clearly indicated he was always against the war, but that was after his vote in favor of the war, but not for war funding, which should not be understood as support, and in any case he would have done it much differently. His concern is now a lack of any real coalition and U.N. support, but when the United States had the backing of the United Nations and a real international presence in Desert Storm after Iraq invaded Kuwait, Kerry voted against that intervention. That information should clear it up for all those undecided voters who really wanted to know.

On abortion, he's about the same: He's voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion, but he has recently declared his belief that life begins at conception. That pronouncement should get everyone on both sides of the issue to vote for him. At least we all know he's a man of his convictions, and not just poll driven, like those other big-haired, arrogant-looking politicians. Bush once characterized Kerry's popularity by saying, in effect, of course he's popular, adding, "He's been on every side of every issue." Kerry has no cohesive message.


Kerry has been using his "hero" status as one of his finest achievements. But, as with much of what he does, he sends mixed messages. He proudly brings out his handful of Vietnam veterans and recalls his heroics, but, earlier, he testified before Congress and wrote in his book, "Tour of Duty," that he committed war crimes, and so did most of his comrades.


Pity the poor guy who has to reach back 35 years to show America just how great he is. And he does so very selectively: There's no mention of all his medal ribbons tossed with contempt over the White House fence for the same war he now fondly remembers. He brought a cast of sailors out with him on the convention podium and keeps a contingent with him at all times while campaigning, either to show Americans just how patriotic he is or to remind us incessantly that he served a grueling four months in Vietnam. For whatever reason, it's pathetic. The peaceniks know all about his antiwar theatrics; he needn't highlight those attributes. He's now going after the swing voter who respects America military strength and may have or have had family members in the service. In Kerry's world, you really can be all things to all people.

Forget the showboating -- no pun intended -- let's look at the record. Kerry received three Purple Hearts, and, after four months of duty, he requested permission to get the heck out of there. However, retired Rear Adm. Roy Hoffmann, who ran the swift-boat campaign in Vietnam and now leads a group of fellow officers calling themselves the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, countered Kerry, saying, "I do not believe that John Kerry is fit to be commander in chief of the armed forces of the United States. This is not a political issue. It is a matter of judgment, truthfulness, reliability, loyalty and trust -- all absolute tenets of command.

"Only one of his 23 fellow officers in charge from Coastal Division 11 supports John Kerry," he added. "Overall, more than 250 swift-boat veterans are on the record questioning Kerry's fitness to serve as commander in chief. That list includes his entire chain of command -- every single officer Kerry served under in Vietnam. The Kerry game plan is to ignore all this and pretend that the 13 veterans his campaign jets around the country and puts up in five-star hotels really represent the truth about his short, controversial combat tour."

You needn't go back 35 years to Vietnam to see what Kerry's all about. Just check out his voting record in the Senate, where he's been for the past 19 years. Can you name one piece of legislation he carried? Don't worry; neither can anyone else.


A centerpiece of Kerry's campaign is to make access to drugs and medicine affordable, but, when you hear the word affordable, hold on to your wallets. It means a health-care system that will rely on billions of dollars of tax increases to prop up. But, taking a page from John Edwards' "two Americas," as far as Kerry's concerned, only the rich should pay the taxes. But don't relax yet; "the rich" includes anyone with a job. Increasing taxes for just the wealthiest 1 percent, or even the richest 10 percent, will not pay for a singe-payer health-care system, which would cost several trillion dollars annually and would federalize one-fifth of the economy.


No war president has ever lost an election in the United States, and it's unlikely this will be the case now. Until recently, the Democrats uttered a great deal of rhetorical propaganda about their contention that Bush "lied" about the war of liberation in Iraq: He lied about intelligence; he lied about WMDs. He lied, lied, lied. Everyone from the head of the Democratic Party to Michael Moore has delivered this mantra for the last three years.

Now that the bipartisan 9/11 Commission has come out with its final report, which vindicated the president, you don't hear that much about lies anymore. The report says there were no lies. Bad intelligence, yes; lies, no. Unfortunately, much of the damage has been done, as Bush's "lies" have now become an urban legend, ingrained in the minds of many.

The 9/11 Commission's report, which involved the investigation and review of tens of thousands of pages of secret documents and interviews of hundreds of key witnesses, found not a single lie.


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