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Monday, August 23, 2004

New Kerry Ad: False and Misleading!

The new Kerry-Edwards ad is titled "Issues" and can be downloaded at waffles place. I have procured the text of this ad.

Title: "Issues"
Type: 30 sec TV
Date: 8/23/04

John Kerry: "I'm John Kerry and I approve this message."
Narrator: "American soldiers are fighting in Iraq."
Well I am glad we cleared that up... no wait, what did that clear up? We toppled Saddam's government in a matter of weeks. President Bush declared an end to major operations months ago. We have handed over soverignty in Iraq and are present in Iraq only to maintain stability (yes, outside of a few pockets of resistance in Iraq, much of the country is relatively safe) and we are there now in accordance with the wishes of Iraq's interim government... not in opposition to their wishes. We are only fighting because Iran and Syria have been trying to keep democracy from taking hold in the Middle East. So yes, our soldiers are fighting in Iraq.
Narrator: "Families struggle to afford health care."
Well I guess we can thank John Edwards for using junk science to deceive jury's into awarding unreasonable verdicts, raising the cost of heath care for everyone, and ultimately putting it beyond the reach of many Americans
Narrator: "Jobs heading overseas."
Liberal Democrat controlled Unions have far more to do with this phenomena than greedy business owners or the President's economic policy. A free market in a world economy is going to force Unions to either make occasional concessions or risk pushing businesses away. Liberal Democrat politicians have also done much to force industries to leave America. Unreasonable taxation and regulation make it nearly impossible for some industries to stay competitive. If you want more private business, then we must ease taxes and regulations a little. Is Kerry going to do this? NO! He wants to raise taxes across the board, and then offer "tax incentives" to select companies... most likely the ones which donate to his candidacy.
Narrator: "Instead of solutions, George Bush's campaign supports a front group attacking John Kerry's military record. Attacks called smears, lies. Sen. McCain calls them dishonest."
This is in part false and totally misleading. Neither the President nor anyone in his campaign acting in their official respective capacities organized, funded, or coordinated the allegations made by the swiftvets. Any such actions by Bush or his campaign would be a direct violation of McCain-Feingold... all 527s muct be privately funded and distanced from the campaigns. The entire crux of Kerry's assertion that Bush is behind the Swiftvets is that a single John Kerry volunteer/supporter has alleged that a Bush campaign quarters in Florida passed out literature about the Swiftvets in a single solitary isolated incident. The truth of the matter is this: the alleged event transpired in "GOP offices used by Bush-Cheney volunteers." The Kerry volunteer claims he went to the GOP offices and picked up a flier promoting a weekend rally sponsored by "Swift Boat Vets for Truth" and other groups from a pile of literature on a table in the GOP offices. The Kerry volunteer then passed the info on to the Kerry campaign, which responded by emailing the flyer to various media outlets claiming the Bush-Cheney campaign was "busted" for coordinating "in their smear campaign against John Kerry." So the allegation of a Kerry supporter that a single Republican office, which is sometimes used by Bush volunteers, had a flyer promoting a rally at which the swiftvets would appear is, according to Kerry, proof of coordination between President Bush and the Swiftvets... I am NOT making this up... this is the basis for Kerry's assertion. Does this not boggle the mind?

In a way, this all sort of makes sense... you see, John Kerry has publicly declared that he participated in war attrocities, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, during his 4 month stint in Vietnam. Kerry also claims that these war attrocities were committed systemically with the full knowledge of the entire chain of command. Of course we know these claims are at least partially false; however, Kerry seems to have a history of believing that the actions of a lowly foot soldier are always done in full accordance with the wishes of everyone up the chain of command... which may be why he believed that his superiors knew of his self admitted war attrocities, and could explain why Kerry would believe that the alleged passing out of literature promoting a 527 group in a GOP office would occur with the full knowledge and approval of everyone up the chain of command in the GOP... all the way to the President. Needless to say, you would have to be a bit psychotic to buy into this line of thinking, but this kind of thinking isn't all that uncommon from John Kerry. On with the Ad...
Narrator: "Bush smeared John McCain four years ago. Now, he's doing it to John Kerry."
Again, the logic by Kerry is based on the belief that anyone supporting Bush (or just opposing Bush's opponent) with something bad to say about an opponent of Bush, is somehow in allegience with Bush and is therefor acting on behalf of Bush, with Bush's knowledge and approval of their every action...
Narrator: "George Bush: Denounce the smear. Get back to the issues. America deserves better."
Bush denounced ALL 527s and reminded the press that a few hundred have been actively targeting him as well. Kerry made his service one of the issues in this campaign, not Bush... besides, Bush hasn't attacked Kerry's war record, so he can't get off the topic that he never got on in the first place; and finally, yes! America deserves better.... but not from George W. Bush!

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