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Monday, August 09, 2004

New Guest Blogger

Here are two articles submitted to me from a young conservative Christian political activist, Chrstal Broyles. Hope you enjoy them.
Why Not?!
Crystal Broyles, AL
July 28, 2004

On Tuesday July the 27th at the Democratic National Convention Teresa Heinz Kerry said: "There is a value in taking a stand even if nobodynotices…" This is apparently true for the liberal left. All of the individuals in their groups seem to be advocates for their causes. But what about Christians and Conservatives? What are they doing to take a stand? Where is their center point of activism?

Teresa Heinz Kerry marveled and wowed the crowds at the Democratic National Convention last night as she spoke. Toward the closing of her speech she was talking about the "morals" her husband would bring to the White House. Among these morals she said, "It is a moral nation that leads through the power of its ideals..." She never once acknowledged God … that is until the close of her speech she said,
"God bless America". When are we as American's going to stop requesting that God bless us and instead us as American's bless God?

American revivalist, Charles Finney said, "It seems at times as if the foundations of our nation are rotten, and Christians seem to act as if they think God does not see what they do in politics. But I tell you He does see..."

When are the conservative Christians going to stop being political pacifists and start being political activists?

Mrs. Kerry said, "It is a moral nation that leads through the power of its ideals..." If John Kerry is elected president on November 2nd our nation will be lead by ideals, they just will not be the ideals of the living God. You must ask yourself, are Kerry's ideals yours?
You can sure bet that Kerry's ideals are not mine.
Back in the USSR
Crystal Broyles, AL
August, 4, 2004

How do you see America – is it the land of opportunity or the land of equality?Let's take a look at how John Kerry and John Edwards see America.

The other night as I sat listening to Vice Presidential Democratic candidate John Edwards, I said to myself, "John Edwards is a great speaker and he sure sounds nice … but what does the Kerry/Edwards "plan" consists of? Let's take a look at some highlights of their "plan".

Their "plan" will do away with:
1. The "two health care systems" that we are currently subjected to.
2. The "two school systems".
3. "Two economies".
The Kerry/Edwards agenda is clear; they want to take away the gap between the rich and the poor. They want to make all American's equal. We will have equal jobs, educations, health care…

There is a startling comparison to be found if we look back into history at the former Soviet Union. The suppressed socialistic nation of the U.S.S..R. was brought about by making all its citizens – equal. The Kerry/Edwards team has a vision for America and that vision is equality to all and for all. Their politics are the same politics that crippled the Soviet Union.

Michael Ferris, President of Patrick Henry College was lecturing last week about leaders. In this lecture he spoke about how great leaders understand and know the present through studying history. The reason why it is so important for leaders to know history is to prevent the same failures that others before you have committed.

Last week during the Democratic National Convention there were many speeches made and quite a few stories told within these speeches. When John Kerry formally accepted his nomination as the Democratic Presidential Nominee, he gave a speech and told some stories. One of the stories was about how as a child living overseas he rode his bike into Berlin, an area he was not permitted to ride his bicycle into and as a result his father punished him for his actions. At this time in history the Berlin Wall still stood and the Russians were still suffering greatly. John Kerry has seen the results of "equality for all" with his very own eyes. Mr. Kerry has not learned from history – how can he lead our nation?

The Kerry/Edwards team has a "plan" and all John Edwards wants us to know is, in his own words "hope is on the way … for our one America" Now let me ask you, is this what you want for America?
I personally have no problem with equality as it concerns oppertunity. Outside the realm of oppertunity, equality serves as an incentive not to work harder and smarter.

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