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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Kerry's Words Coming Back to Bite Him

The Chicago Sun Times article I blogged about yesterday, pointing out that the Navy, as policy, does not give out a "V" (for Valor) pin with a Silver Star (because, apparently that would be redundant since a silver star is given out for valor while under fire), has reminded at least one reporter, Jim Geraghty for National Review Online , of the tragic suicide of Navy Admiral Mike Boorda in 1996.

Admiral Mike Boorda was the first enlisted man ever to become the Navy's CNO. I have attached the following two articles to give you an adequate background on Admiral Boorda... CNN Article and Cosmic Baseball (I fact checked Cosmic Baseball and it looks legit).

Apparently, following Boorda's suicide, Kerry is on the record as having said:
Is it wrong? Yes, it is very wrong. Sufficient to question his leadership position? The answer is yes, which he clearly understood.
The military is a rigorous culture that places a high premium on battlefield accomplishment....

In a sense, there's nothing that says more about your career than when you fought, where you fought and how you fought....

If you wind up being less than what you’re pretending to be, there is a major confrontation with value and self-esteem and your sense of how others view you....

When you are the chief of them all, it has to weigh even more heavily.
Less than what you are pretending to be? Does anyone else find Kerry's choice of words, if not odd, ironic? Anyway, check out the Full Story at NRO...

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