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Friday, August 27, 2004

Kerry's Sinking Ship

Torpedoed by a barrage of attacks from the soldiers who served with him, John Kerry campaign is beginning to resemble a sinking ship; more specifically a sinking Swift Boat. Check out the Damage Report...

But the Kerry Campaign isn't taking on water solely from the Swift Vet's charges; Kerry is also being weighted down by Democrat Mayors, past and present, who are jumping ship.

Youngstown (OH) Mayor George M. McKelvey has said
Sen. Kerry reminds me of the traditional politician who will say anything you want to here to get elected. I fear that if I asked Sen. Kerry what he had for breakfast, he would ask me what I had, and then say, 'I had that too.' In my book when you stand for everything, you stand for nothing.
Former Mayor of New York City, Edward Koch has come out saying:
Now for the first time in my life, I am going to vote for a Republican candidate for President, the incumbent George W. Bush.

... I believe the issue of international terrorism trumps all other issues. I don't believe the Democratic Party has the stomach and commitment to deliver on this issue. I believe terrorism will be with us for many years to come. So long as Senators Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd are considered major leaders of the Democratic Party, and so long as we have radical candidates like Howard Dean, whose radical-left supporters have been described by the press as "Deaniacs," the Democratic Party will be limited in its ability to serve the country well in times of crisis.
And then there are Democrats who never really liked the idea of choosing Kerry in the first place, Wrong choice for commander in chief.

Finally, there is the conservative right. We are many, we are strong, and we don't particularly care for Kerry... some would say we're not Fonda Kerry. We point out his waffles and flip flops. There are the Kerry Haters, those who want to Crush Kerry, Those of us who believe Kerry Waffles and those who think Kerry is a Flip Flopper, the POW/MIA Families Against Kerry, Vietnam Special Forces Vet Against Kerry, Foreign Leaders for Kerry the Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry, the Catholics Against Kerry, to name just a few.

Yes, indeed, the Kerry campaign is taking on water... and Esoteric * Diatribe could not be happier. We will not stop till Kerry's ship is sunk.

The cartoon added to this post can be found opriginally at Cox & Forkum

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