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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Kerry on Cambodia, again.

I think this story is worthy of both a waffles update:
Esoteric Diatribe
as well as a Kerry Liar Update:
Why? Because Kerry is now officially waffling on Cambodia and lying to boot.

From today's Boston Globe:
Kerry disputes allegations on Cambodia
By Michael Kranish, Boston Globe

Senator John F. Kerry is disputing an allegation made by a group of veterans opposed to his presidential candidacy that he never operated inside Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

In a just-published book, "Unfit for Command," the veterans said that "Kerry was never in Cambodia during Christmas 1968, or at all during the Vietnam War" and that he "would have been court-martialed had he gone there."

But the Kerry campaign said that the group, which calls itself Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, is wrong and that Kerry was inside Cambodia to drop off special forces on one mission and was at the border on other occasions.

"During John Kerry's service in Vietnam, many times he was on or near the Cambodian border and on one occasion crossed into Cambodia at the request of members of a special operations group operating out of Ha Tien," Kerry spokesman Michael Meehan said in a statement. The statement did not say when the cross-border mission took place.


For years, Kerry has said he was in Cambodia on Christmas Eve 1968....

The anti-Kerry veterans have said Kerry's recollection does not make sense because Nixon was not inaugurated until January 1969. But Kerry campaign spokesman Meehan said Kerry was referring to a range of time that included when Nixon was president-elect and president....
A range of time? He sounded pretty specefic to me... Christmas Eve holds a range of 24 hours, and Nixon wasn't in charge during those 24 hours. Are we really supposed to believe that Nixon was running the war in Vietnam before he took office?
Meehan, in his statement issued last week, described the incident this way:

"On December 24, 1968, Lieutenant John Kerry and his crew were on patrol in the watery borders between Vietnam and Cambodia deep in enemy territory. In the early afternoon, Kerry's boat, PCF-44, was at Sa Dec and then headed north to the Cambodian border. There, Kerry and his crew along with two other boats were ambushed, taking fire from both sides of the river, and after the firefight were fired upon again. Later that evening during their night patrol they came under friendly fire."
Full Story
I thought Kerry said he was in Cambodia, not near Cambodia, on a secret mission with the CIA. This statement makes no mention of the CIA. Hrm looks like someone is backing off an assertion a little.

One thing that does stick out as being odd is that John Kerry is not actually making this statement himself. He is having a spokesperson for his campaign make the statement... Why can't John Kerry come out, look the American people in the eye, and tell the truth about Cambodia?

Honestly, look at the Kerry Campaign's track record... they can't even tell the difference between John Kerry and Bob Kerrey. From the AP
John Kerry, Bob Kerrey. It's easy to get confused.

At least that's how the Kerry campaign is explaining claims that Kerry — the Democratic presidential candidate — served as vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Oops. Make that Bob Kerrey — the former Democratic senator from Nebraska who did serve as the panel's vice chairman.

In news releases and postings on Kerry's campaign Web site as recently as last Friday, the Massachusetts senator is touted as the panel's former vice chairman. However, according to the Senate Historical Office, Kerry never had the seniority to hold a leadership position on the committee — though he was a member from 1993 until 2001.

"John Kerry, Bob Kerrey — similar names," said Kerry campaign spokesman Michael Meehan, adding that any reference to Kerry as vice chairman was an error.
Full Story
These guys just can't seem to get their stories straight.

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