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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

E*D welcomes Guest Commentary

I love to post articles (especially original articles) written by folks who visit Esoteric * Diatribe. I don't post everything that is submitted, but I do appreciate every sumbission. So the next few posts will be sumbissions I've recieved in the past week.

The first post is from Jason, a young conservative felow who lives in Michigan, near the Ohio border (Michigan and Ohio are both considered battleground states).
Hey Ken,

I don't know if you heard, but John Kerry made a stop in Bowling Green on Sunday, August 1st. The family and I tried to go see him, but we couldn’t get near the event. You see, Kerry decided to speak in the center of town with the historic buildings as a backdrop. This made the space compact to the point where, on camera, it would look like there were many, many people there.

Of course, any SMART politician would know that you actually want to have a large crowd, not a seemingly large crowd, but I guess Kerry doesn't fall into this category.

What Kerry should have done was:

First, he should have held the speech inside the BG stadium, which could have actually held a large crowd. What looks more impressive, a STREET full of people, or a FOOTBALL STADIUM full of people? Secondly, it was about 85 degrees that day, and a lot of people had to be taken to the hospital. Wouldn't it have made sense to hold it in the STADIUM, were people could have sat down, and had partial shade? Third, the majority of the people couldn't get in, and were pretty MAD. This could just be me, but wouldn't a politician want lots of HAPPY people, who would want to vote for him? Especially since the state this took state is so crucial for Kerry! No Republican has won without taking Ohio, so if Kerry could take Ohio, it could be the end for Bush.

It seems to me that Kerry is just giving a show for the registered Democrats that already support him, not the coveted group of Independents, from whence come many of the key votes in a Presidential Election?

John Kerry, you think you're smart, well SHOVE IT!

Sorry you didn't get to see the Waffler in action, Jason. I doubt you missed anything of substance. The Dems are all about cold, calculated political decisions. They know that more people read about a rally or watch it on TV than actualy attend it, so appearances are everything. They don't care what happens, just what appears to be happening. They know Kerry doesn't have enough support in Ohio to fill the BG stadium, and they could care less about everyday people who have to stand in the heat to hear Kerry blather on about his various shifting positions, flop flops, and waffles. You are right, it would have been nice if Kerry would have provided a venue with seating, shade, perhaps even supplied water, but this assumes Kerry cares about anyone except Kerry. Thanks for the heads up, Jason.

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