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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Another submission from Russ Vaughn:
For The Children
Why don't we consider for a moment just whom John Kerry's false testimony before Congress actually did affect in American society. Was it just those uniformed unfortunates who served their country, ably, honorably and well? Or did it, perhaps, extend beyond that? And how might it have affected our populace in more invidious ways?

I would ask this question:

How many children grew up in the last thirty years of the 20th Century casting covert glances at their fathers, uncles and grandfathers, because those individuals bore the label of "Vietnam Vet?" How many of those children wondered if that gentle, tender man who cuddled them, told them bedtime stories, and kissed them good night, had, in fact, been a killer of children just like themselves, but of a duskier hue? Not a comforting thought at bedtime for the little ones, is it, folks?

But that is precisely what the present Democrat candidate for the presidency of the United States of America, John Kerry, told our nation and told our children. He went before our Congress and testified that all who served in Vietnam were guilty of child killing, child rape, and much worse. And in so doing he drove a hard, cold spike of doubt into the hearts and minds of countless young children throughout this nation. He made those innocents look at their fathers, uncles and grandfathers with distrust and doubt. And worry. And fear.

And why? Purely, simply, for nothing more than his own political gain. This man who now wants you to elevate him to the ultimate position of power, deliberately, callously, and selfishly, drove this wedge of doubt between all those returned, honorable warriors and their offspring, as well as their spouses, their siblings and even their parents. For nothing more than his unrelenting aspiration to be president of the United States, this jerk went before Congress and the media cameras and falsely accused those of us who had served our nation honorably of despicable crimes. Without question, John Kerry, more than any other American, is responsible for this terrible, horrendous charge of criminality, which haunts Vietnam veterans and their families to this day.

No one really took Jane Fonda seriously; she was just a spoiled, rich, airhead young actress. Despicable? Yes. Believable? No. But not so John Kerry. Here was an Ivy League educated young warrior fresh back from the fight, bearing medals attesting to his wounds and his valor. Here was a blooded, first person witness with medals and legitimate combat credentials, someone who truly knew of what he spoke. And what did he say? He testified to the nation and the world that we were war criminals, up and down the chain of command, all of us, guilty of the most vile, debased depredations imaginable against the civilians of Vietnam.

He lied.

He lied before Congress then, and he lies to the American public now. This phony hero, who once admitted to personal war crimes in that unfortunate Southeast Asian war, now trumpets his service there, holding it up as a badge of his worthiness to be our Commander in Chief in time of war. This wannabee hero, this cheesy weasel who forced his boat crew to film his re-enacted, heroic exploits, this man who illegally negotiated with the enemy in Paris, this despicable prick who caused countless, unneeded American casualties, this callous, unfeeling jerk who brought pain and suffering to those Americans still being held in enemy prisons, now wants us to join his band of brothers?

Well, this brother thinks not, John. Shame should have some limits. Obviously, Kerry doesn't.

And all those children still wonder.

Russ Vaughn
327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66
Russ, I couldn't agree more. Kerry's lies about war attrocities have had serious, far reaching consequences. Kerry does not deserve to be president!

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