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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


The New Soft Money

The message of the Swiftvets was all but entirely ignored prior to their running television ads and releasing the new mega hit book, Unfit for Command. I've blogged about Winter Soldier back in April, blogged about the Swift Vets in July (late only because NewsMax either lied or misled me to believe I couldn't post the full quotes of the Swiftees), and have opened my blog up to any Vietnam Veteran with something to say about Kerry. As soon as the Swift Vets Ads started running, a lot of alarm and complaints have been registered about 527s. Funny how the press was silent about 527s when they were only targetting Bush, even comparing Bush to Hitler...

Looks like blogger ate this post... I spent about 5 hours on it... these few lines are all that seem to have been salvaged. Very odd. I went on to talk about the top 10 contributors to 527s being almost exclusively liberals, and point out the disparity in money spent on democrat 527s and GOP 527s. I also pointed out how little the swiftvets have brought in compared to the millions spent on ACT, JVC2000,, etc. I finished by saying that Kerry may be right on this issue... that getting rid of 527s might be a good thing ('cause the left is by far the group capitalizing on them, and in the long run it might work to the right's advantage). Anyway, I will likely rewrite the post when I become so inclined, but in the mean time this note will stay up until i have the ambition to give it another go.

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