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Friday, July 02, 2004

Boston Backlash

Kerry is still getting beat up in Boston over his no show for the US Conference of Mayors. Consider this opinion letter:
Senator Kerry missed an opportunity to shed his waffler image when he decided not to cross the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association picket line and address the US Conference of Mayors (Page A1, June 28). Imagine our next president arriving for the event and speaking to the striking workers: "You are the backbone of our society, the keepers of civilization, and I'm going in that building to tell them so," he could have said. To cheers, he could have crossed the line and delivered a powerful prolabor speech with his plans for adequately funding homeland security. He could have accused the Bush presidency of abandoning labor and major cities. The mayors would have cheered. With all the wisdom of Solomon, Kerry could have shown his diplomatic powers. Instead, he was a no-show.
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What, this wafflerimage?

Kerry upset a LOT of Dems with that one... I am starting to think Kerry is having serious dissent in the ranks. Anyone wanna pick up on this and run with it? Kerry's own base is questioning how, exactly, he plans to fulfill all the promises he is doling out. Kerry's base is saying things like 'Edwards is a bad choice for Veep because Edwards is a better politician than Kerry and would upstage him.' Even the anyone-but-Bush Mantra is being questioned by Dems... and I have heard more than a few Dems say they were voting for Bush or Nader because they can't stand Kerry. Are these people the exception or the rule? Would it be possible to know for sure without getting a bunch of media spin?

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