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Monday, June 14, 2004

Waffles Google Bomb Update

Esoteric Diatribe

The Waffles Campaign has been mentioned again. Jonathan Sidener of the San Diego Union-Tribune interviewed me about the Waffles Campaign a week or two ago. This is an excellent article, one of the best I've read, about political Google bombs. I still think Google completely misses the point about the seriousness of Google bombs (who cares if someone bombs 'cell phone'? I am more worried about non commercial bombs, like 'human rights' or 'Iraq War' or 'Hilla Massacre'... these guys keep focusing only on the commercial potential of Google Bombs... I have seen no concern whatsoever about the usefulness of Google Bombing to disseminate propaganda for misinformation about major world events and social issues, or just spreading messages of hate like Jew Watch had successfully done.

As for Political Scientist Gary Jacobson (no relation to yours truly) of the University of California San Diego, who is quoted in the article as saying of Google Bombs like waffles "It's not going to have any political impact." I respectfully disagree; for instance, some see this response:
as indicative proof that they can have a political impact. Kerry's campaign spent money on Google Ads, Google saw additional revenue because of this Google bomb, and this story has been mentioned in print many times. Is this ground breaking, earth shattering, going to sway the election one way or the other sort of stuff? No... but it has had an impact...
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