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Friday, June 25, 2004

NYTs Declares Kerry is Pragmatic Centrist - Lies, Lies, and More Lies

I am seriously considering starting my own newspaper... I don't have the assets required to buy or start a newspaper, but the press has gone too far in this country. The press is lying to the public. NYT Lies! There, let them sue me. They are lying liars. I know it is easy to make accusations and much more difficult to back them up, but consider the following story from the NYTs:
Kerry's Campaign Theme Is Leaning Toward Center
Published: June 25, 2004

Leaning toward center, eh? From where is it leaning towards the center... where is the campaign rooted? Howabout the Far Left... the farthest left in Washington. Farther Left than Hillary Clinton! Farther Left than Ted Kennedy! But don't worry where Kerry actually stands, when the media is done with him he will be the epitome of cetrism in politics... regardless of the truth.

The actual link to the story says, "Kerry Message Begins Leaning Towards Center," which is a far cry from saying "Kerry's Campaign Theme is Leaning Towards Center" but the folks over at NYTs must have realized that by reporting that Kerry is just now beginning to lean towards the center would be an admission that Kerry is not naturally in the center of American Politics but is actually far out in left field.

Leaning towards the center? Seriously... where do the folks over at the NYTs think the center is? This is not a subjective thing, there is a center, and Kerry does not represent it. Back to the article:
WASHINGTON, June 24 — Senator John Kerry has yet to produce a popular catchphrase for his political philosophy, like Gov. Bill Clinton's 1992 promise of a "third way" or Gov. George W. Bush's pledge in 2000 of "compassionate conservatism."

But Mr. Kerry's Democratic message for the general election campaign is emerging, many Democrats say — on the campaign trail, in the party platform now being written and in the major speeches he has delivered in recent weeks.

His message, in part, is a return to the promise of Clintonian centrism: reducing the deficit, spurring economic growth, trying to ease "the squeeze on middle-class America," as Mr. Kerry puts it, from things like the cost of health insurance and college tuition.
Kerry's message is a return to the promise of Clintonian centrism?!?!?!?
Bruce Reed, president of the Democratic Leadership Council and a longtime Clinton aide, fretted openly during the heyday of Howard Dean last year that the party was moving to the left. Today, Mr. Reed describes Mr. Kerry approvingly as "a pragmatic centrist in the Clinton mode."
Kerry is a "pragmatic centrist in the Clinton mode"!!!!! Honestly, my first reaction to this story was to laugh... laugh really loud and really hard. But then I remembered that the press can print whatever they want... and that over time the truth can be completely overrun by spin... and that the average American only reads the headlines and trusts the media. You cannot trust the media in America anymore. The NYTs is calling Kerry a pragmatic centrist of the Clinton mode! Now I know what you are thinking (if you are smart), you are thinking, "Now hold on a second, they are simply reporting what other people are saying! They are reporting that some democrats think he is starting to send a message that appeals to the center and that one in particular thinks he is 'a pragmatic centrist of the Clinton mode'" Well the reason I am right is because they are only reporting that message. They don't follow that up with the facts, the truth, or even a differing opinion. They give one perspective and print it without regard for the truth and without regard for any voice of dissent; therefore in this piece Mr. Reed becomes the voice of the NYTs.
Familiar faces from the Clinton years, like the economic adviser Gene Sperling, are now at Mr. Kerry's side; James P. Rubin, a State Department spokesman in the Clinton years who advised Gen. Wesley K. Clark during the primaries, is now traveling with Mr. Kerry full time.

But Mr. Kerry's message also reflects a very different time from the 1990's, framed by three unsettling years of terrorism, war and political division. Mr. Kerry's favorite refrain these days is a plea to "let America be America again." It is a quotation from a Langston Hughes poem that he uses to evoke the idea of restoration - for the economy, for a tax code that he asserts is increasingly unjust, for the dreams of the middle class and, perhaps most of all, for the country's foreign policy.
Where is the quoting someone else here to cover the obvious bias? The quote, "restoration - for the economy, for a tax code that he asserts is increasingly unjust, for the dreams of the middle class and, perhaps most of all, for the country's foreign policy" is so built on lies that I don't know where to begin. I started this post saying "The press has gone too far in this country. The press is lying to the public" and it couldn't be any more evident than in that last quote from the article. Resotration for the economy? The Bush Economy is stronger than Clinton's. This isn't a opinion, it is a fact. It is a fact the media refuses to report. Here is the proof:

Nationwide, the economy has posted steady job gains for each of the last nine months – creating more than 1.4 million new jobs since August. The national unemployment rate stood at 5.6% in May – down 0.7 percentage point from a peak of 6.3% in June 2003 – and below the average of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

Nearly 1 million new jobs have been created in the last 100 days alone.

Across the country, 248,000 new jobs were created in May according to the payroll survey – and the increases in April and March were revised upward by 58,000 and 16,000, respectively, for a combined upward revision of 74,000 new jobs.

On average, over 237,000 jobs per month have been created since the beginning of this year.

The household survey also shows a big increase in jobs, up 1.5 million since August.
National manufacturing employment has risen for four consecutive months, with over 90,000 new jobs created. Manufacturing employment increased 32,000 in May and was revised upward by 22,000 jobs for March and April. The ISM Manufacturing survey reached a 30-year high in May, indicating further strength in manufacturing employment.

Economic growth over the last year has been the fastest in nearly 20 years.

After-tax incomes are up by 11% since December 2000—substantially faster growth than following the last recession, and household wealth is near an all-time high.

Inflation is low and interest rates and mortgage rates are near historic lows.
Homeownership rates are near record highs. Minority homeownership is at its highest rate ever.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 25% in 2003, and the NASDAQ rose by 50%.

Restoration for the dreams of the middle class? Are we to believe that somehow George W. stole away the dreams of the middle class? What did George W. do to the Middle class except give them a tax cut and wage a war to protect them? This sort of empty rhetoric ought not find it's way into ANY reporting, even reporting as biased and dishonest as the NYTs.

Restoration of America's Foreign Policy? Another attack at President Bush built on media lies and distortion. Bush effectively used Foreign Policy to his advantage. He has been responsible for two unanimous UN votes. One that called for serious consequences if Saddam did not comply, and one dealing with the turn over of sovereignty in Iraq. When it because clear that France wouldn't be on board for enforcing the first resolution, Bush created a coalition that has almost never been mentioned in the US press. Some info about this coalition that you likely have not read in the NYTs:

Contributions from Coalition member nations range from: direct military participation, logistical and intelligence support, specialized chemical/biological response teams, over-flight rights, humanitarian and reconstruction aid, to political support.

Forty-nine countries are publicly committed to the Coalition, including:

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Marshall Islands
Solomon Islands
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

This number is still growing, and it is no accident that many member nations of the Coalition recently escaped from the boot of a tyrant or have felt the scourge of terrorism. All Coalition member nations understand the threat Saddam Hussein's weapons pose to the world and the devastation his regime has wreaked on the Iraqi people.

The population of Coalition countries is approximately 1.23 billion people.
Coalition countries have a combined GDP of approximately $22 trillion.
Every major race, religion, ethnicity in the world is represented.
The Coalition includes nations from every continent on the globe.

So because France and Germany aren't on board we have a major Foreign Relations problem? Riight.
Mr. Kerry's basic campaign speech has a distinctive edge, reflecting the Democratic Party's fury at President Bush and his handling of an increasingly unpopular war.
Maybe the war wouldn't be so unpopular if the Press would cover any of our accomplishments. Maybe the war wouldn't be so unpopular is the NYT's ever took the time to mention all the other countries with soldiers on the ground. Maybe the war on Iraq would be more popular is all participants in the coalition of the willing were reported. Maybe the war wouldn't be so unpopular if the NYTs printed the truth.

Read the rest of NYT's Lies

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