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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Kerry Waffles

Esoteric Diatribe

There were a few stories lately associating Kerry with Waffles, and where as I cannot take credit for that, I can get a kick out of the stories and share them with the folks who read Esoteric * Diatribe.

These stories / excerpts are posted in no particular order:
Then there's Kerry. He must start out every morning eating waffles. He'd have a tough time deciding between heaven and hell. ("Would it be too cold up there?"). He should never have committed to the mayors' speech, knowing full well of the chance for a picket line. Once the picket became obvious, he should have pulled out last week. Instead, he did his "maybe, maybe not" thing, right up until Sunday night, when he acted like his decision was obvious all along.
Full Story
Heh. He'd have a tough time deciding between heaven and hell... That's a good one.

The Arizona Bush-Cheney Campaign hosted a breakfast Thursday with local Bush supporters, and the menu had nothing but waffles.

That's because, as the Republicans contend, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry "waffles" on the issues. The event at Coco's Restaurant off South Plaza Way represents the more grassroots approach to campaigning for the GOP.

There, Flagstaff Mayor Joe Donaldson spoke about how he supports Bush in this year's election, and he shared GOP contentions on how Kerry waffles on the issues. About 25 people turned out for the waffle breakfast.
Full Story
Speaking of sticking to opinions and policies, John Kerry could have Eggo Waffles as a corporate sponsor! This has gotten to the point where it is not even funny anymore.
Full Story
Nah, It's still funny.
If you believe those voice-of-doom TV ads, Kerry has more waffles than Belgium. But, at the risk of sounding contrarian, is that really so bad?
Full Story
Nice! A Kerry apologist. Of course people change their mind on issues, and that is totally a normal thing to do.... BUT, Kerry isn't changing his mind so much as seeing what position is most politically advantageous for him and then taking that option. Kerry has taken both sides of just about every issue... but there are a few issues where he does not waver: More taxes, less privatization, less military, more social welfare programs, etc.
As Sen. John Kerry waffles his way to the Democratic nomination for president, it's fairly forgotten that U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio still wants the spot.
Full Story
Tough luck for Kucinich, cause we are all stuck with Waffle Boy.
In reality, George Bush is running for re-election against a candidate aptly named, “Not Bush” which doesn’t say a lot for his competition. I have to confess that every time I hear the name “John Kerry” I find it very difficult to take at all seriously the idea that he is the Democratic candidate for president in the 2004 election. The man has no original ideas and he waffles on everything. No, he is more of a silhouette used when there is no photo available of a person that is the focus of interest. But lest we forget, he is a Vietnam War hero!
Full Story
This is probably the best article.

Well that just about wraps it up for this post. Enjoy the Waffles!

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